Nick Names of Places in India

Nick Names of Places in India


Blue Mountains – Nilgiri

City of Nawabs – Lucknow

City of Seven Islands – Mumbai

City of Festivals – Madurai

City of Buildings – Kolkata

Deccan Queen – Pune

Dakshin Ganga – Godavari

Electronic City of India – Bangalore

Egg Bowl of Asia – Andhra Pradesh

Garden City of India – Bangalore

Golden City – Amritsar

Gateway of India – Mumbai

Manchester of India – Ahmedabad

Manchester of the South – Coimbatore

Old Ganga – Godavari

Orange City – Nagpur

Pink City – Jaipur

Queen of Arabian Sea – Cochin

Queen of the Mountains – Mussoorie

Space City – Bangalore

Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore

Soya Region – Madhya Pradesh

Sorrow of Bengal – Damodar river

Sorrow of Bihar – Kosi river

Twin City – Hyderabad – Secunderabad

Venice of the East – Cochin

Indian Geography and Nick Names

What is the Difference between Labour and Employee

What is the Difference between Labour and Employee

Labour = Wages, Blue color worker

Employee= Salary, White color employee.

Employee means person employed. He may be a labour, clerk, Operator, technician etc. In general sense people will be called the office staff as employees.

From legal perspective Labours is  generally termed as workman and all Labour Laws are applicable to them/they are privileged by all such acts. All labour is also employee

While Employees are of “Executive/Supervisory cadre” and they are not covered by all but few like PF, Gratuity, Factories Act etc. All employees are not labour.

Labour and employee

 Labour: Operator, Worker, Grade W-1 onwards, Welder, Fitter etc. Labour doing physical job, under some supervisor cadre. Labour means Daily wage manual labour engaged for work.

Supervisor: Supervisor, Foreman, Accountant, Cashier, Engineer, Grade E- 1 onwards etc. Supervisor follows the instructions of manager.

Manager: Manager, Asst. Manager, Deputy Manager, General Manager etc. Manager follows the instructions of Management or OWNER.

All of the above are employees.


Career as Veterinarian

Career as Veterinarian

As animals are progressively considered as a member of the family, so pet owners will be more concerned to spend on health care of them providing treatment from advanced veterinary care, creating more demand for vets. Veterinarians tend to the medical care needs of animals, such as pets, cows, and zoo and laboratory animals. Most veterinarians work in private treatment centres like clinics identify diseases and perform medical procedures.
Career as Veterinarian
Job Description:

Veterinarians in clinics identify animals health problems; vaccinate against illnesses, such as distemper and rabies; cure animals being affected from infections or illnesses; treat wounds; set fractures; perform surgery; and advise owners about animal behaviour, and breeding.

In towns, veterinarians may use innovative technology, surgery, and precautionary actions to care for pet animals. In the villages, veterinarians are sought after for their ability to identify and cure animals that keep business running.

Veterinarians who provide treatment to animals use medical devices, such as stethoscopes; surgical instruments; and diagnostic devices, such as radiographic and ultrasound examination devices. Veterinarians working in research use a wide range of innovative laboratory devices.

Veterinarians also specialized in varied categories like in food safety and inspection, research veterinarians who do research on human and animal health conditions, equine veterinarians who treat horses
and food animal veterinarians who diagnose farm animals.

Eligibility :

A veterinarian should obtain a degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine D.V.M. or V.M.D. from an accredited college of veterinary medicine. Therefore, a bachelor’s degree or significant undergraduate coursework is the typical basis for admission to the 4-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Hence a qualified veterinarian must be trained and licensed based on the requirements of their state.

To be successful veterinarian, one needs to have certain qualities that cannot be learnt from schools. A good veterinarian should have compassion, both towards the animals they treat and their owners. Should have excellent decision-making skills to assist in choosing appropriate treatment methods. Good interpersonal skills are also required for communicating with animal owners to explain about the problem.

Veterinarian Jobs Prospects :

As Veterinarians can contribute to human as well as animal health their career is expected to be excellent in future though income for vets differ by location.

Some veterinarians work with doctors and researchers as they analysis ways to avoid and cure various human illnesses.
Vets working in non scientific places like in clinics, such as public health and research have well-lit offices or laboratories and deal with people rather than animals.

A large proportion of veterinarians had jobs in the vet services industry, while others worked for institutions or colleges and universities, medical or research labs, or the govt.

Career of Aircraft Auto Mechanic

Career of Aircraft Auto Mechanic 

An airframe and power plant (A&P) mechanic is an aircraft auto mechanic who maintenance and solutions of every aspect and system in an aircraft except the devices. An A&P auto mechanic must fulfill the Federal Airplane Administration’s (FAA) requirements and conform to FAA rules to be approved to perform on aircraft.

Job Description of Aircraft Auto Mechanic

* An A&P auto mechanic examines, solutions and maintenance aircraft to ensure they’re managing properly and securely.

* An auto mechanic is accountable for guaranteeing that aircraft get frequent servicing and that any issues are set properly. Techniques may perform on different areas of a aircraft, such as the motor, getting equipment, braking system and pushes.

* An auto mechanic may perform with special devices designed specifically for aircraft servicing. The job may also include standing on steps and managing at various levels. Techniques service different types of aircraft, such as choppers, airplanes and propeller-driven aircraft.

Duties of Aircraft Auto Mechanic :

The job responsibilities of an A&P auto mechanic differ from precautionary servicing to maintenance.

  • An aircraft auto mechanic makes routine examinations, records examinations and maintenance, functions planned servicing and operates assessments after making maintenance or performing servicing.
  • Job responsibilities may differ based on which aspect of the aircraft is being worked on. An auto mechanic managing on the external of a aircraft may be solving a damaged side, restoring colour or obtaining a door so it closes properly.
  • An aircraft auto mechanic managing on the motor may be changing the oil, changing straps or restoring a damaged aspect.
  • An A&P auto mechanic must know and follow all rules set by the FAA. FAA rules regulate the servicing plans, examinations and maintenance made to aircraft. The FAA functions frequent assessments on devices and guarantees rules are being met.

Skill Requirement of Aircraft Auto Mechanic

* An aircraft (A&P) auto mechanic needs strong technological capability and abilities. An aircraft auto mechanic requires to fix technological issues quickly and must have the physical capability to move about when managing on aircraft.

* The skills for dealing with complicated devices and understanding technological innovation is also necessary. Exercising in computer systems and gadgets provides good planning for the career.

The FAA requires mechanics managing on aircraft are to be qualified. Many mechanics choose to fulfill the experience need by finishing from an FAA-approved university instead of getting on-the-job experience. Applications accepted by the FAA consists of certification and affiliate degree programs in aviation servicing technological innovation and aviation technological technological innovation.

These programs provide learning all factors of servicing, repair and examination of aircraft to prepare learners to take the needed FAA assessments. Training creates fundamental abilities necessary for the job. Students take base programs in mathematical, science and power for aviation followed by programs in all aircraft systems and areas

How to Research the Current Job Market

How to Research the Current Job Market :

It is essential to analyze the job market so that you get an idea of what job tasks are around, what market places you could implement to and what types of company you could execute for. And then there are out what the styles are in the labor market as a whole, for example which places are increasing and which are reducing. To give yourself an excellent possibility of success, you need to use as wide a range of resources as possible and to make sure you are using the best strategy for the kind of job you are focusing on.

Researching the job market thoroughly, being sure to use the appropriate resources, is essential to a better job. When determining where to focus your job look for initiatives, it is useful to have information on places which provide the best overall career leads.

You may well be able to execute if you make a serious attempt, as alternative employees are often needed. You probably will want to discover places with better leads as well.

If you are a first-time job finder, there may be a number of different places of execute open to you and it would certainly pay to focus on those with the biggest prospective.

* Exploring organizations, the job market, places and careers will help you. Your analysis of career choices in the job market can be done through the Work-related Guide. Group institutions can provide the most details about certification applications.

* Determination and focus on a career direction; You should always be aware of your top profession concern, regardless of whether you are a new a graduate on the search for a first job or you have been in the working world for several years. What exactly is the primary objective you have set for yourself professionally.

* As Careers main concern modify over time, so developing some quality in this area will help you determine what to do next, whether it’s seeking a high level level or becoming a member of an expert organization. Prospective companies are attracted to applicants with obvious profession objectives.

* Know the headings or explanations of tasks you should be implementing for. There are several different ways for you to look for job market tasks and headings on the internet.

* Having appropriate credentials for the level and kind of job(s) you are looking for. Check whether there other places or tasks you might be certified for that you should consist of in your search.

* If the perspective for your focused industry/positions is not excellent, can you discover a different career that might be easier to be employed into? If so, what will it take?

* It is essential that you execute your job market look for by company on the internet business sources that are available.

* Higher education collections provide you access to some of the popular information source to look for the job market by company. Many organizations post similar details on sites.

* You should always need to know your credibility, whether you are considering change of organization or preparing on remaining where you are consistently. You cannot settle with a new company about a beginning wage (or your present company about a pay raise) unless you know what the industry is spending other experts who do the same kind of work.

* Some job posts record wage varies. Take observe. Otherwise, use a site such as to analysis wage information on a wide range of roles. This way you will be able to start any kind of wage discussions with a company number at the prepared.

Nevertheless whether you are just beginning out or a professional expert, if you are considering a new job search it’s crucial that you make yourself valuable to prospective companies. While this can and should consist of expert growth from taking classes to making up on new technology. Do not restrict your time and effort to studying.

Inventory Planning Manager Job Description


Inventory Planning Manager Job Description 

People with strong business and record-keeping skills may be a good fit for a profession in stock control known as inventory planning manager. Becoming a stock administrator generally requires realization a 4-year college level program. Supervisors may also advantage from finishing graduate student training and making qualifications.

Job Description :

  • Inventory managers observe available supplies, components and items to ensure that clients and workers have access to the components they need.
  • Inventory managers may work for large organizations that sell items to the majority of folks or for business owners that shop needed goods for service experts. For example, an stock administrator may observe the racks in a food market to make sure that racks are supplied for clients. Another stock administrator may sustain a set number of automobile areas for a group of repair centers.

Duties of inventory planning manager :

* Most inventory stock managers sustain daily records of deliveries and accounts to see what items need to be refreshed. While some managers track stock by making lists, most use provide sequence or stock shop. These applications determine a monthly or periodic demand for components and may even place computer-generated purchases.

* Inventory managers may also be responsible for using statistical designs to prediction future stock needs. For instance, new development tasks may require supply-house inventory managers in purchase areas that were previously not supplied.

* Inventory managers may study sales numbers, development provide needs and source availabilities to come up with an approximated amount of product to sustain.

Skills Required for an Inventory Manager

A inventory planning manager profession requires about a 4-year degree. Learners may choose from a variety of appropriate degrees, including provide sequence control and business. Bachelors level applications in provide sequence control, for example, usually cover subjects which range from efficiency to strategies. Learners may also use pc designs to imitate stock control or submission systems.

* Upper-level stock managers may also be needed to complete some advanced training. Most institutions offer graduate student certification or masters level applications in functions or provide sequence control. Additionally, as companies increase the role of computers and automated in the stock control process, students may advantage from adding to the amount and learning with programs in technology.

Certification Requirements

The Association for Operations Management (APICS) offers non-reflex qualifications applications to qualified inventory managers. These experts may consider seeking the Qualified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) status. Earning the CPIM status requires efficiently finishing five determining examinations. Once certified, experts must acquire points by taking training programs and doing other APICS-approved activities to sustain qualifications.

Skills Required for Hospitality Management Career


Skills Required for Hospitality Management Career :

Hospitality management industry is about handling the kindness market that moves around providing individuals and being welcoming. Resorts and hotels are the significant way of this market. Hospitality industry does offer for a profitable career and profession.

There are different degree levels and certification programs you can engage in Hospitality management, but their requirements vary with each course along with different qualification requirements.

* To hold the hospitability management career after matriculation, you need to have 10th pass with at least 40%.

* To pursue hospitability management career in bachelor’s level or Undergrad course, you need to have greater additional evaluation (12th) with at least 50% represents.

* To hold post graduate level course, you will have to be a graduate student, and should have secured at least 45% in your graduating.

Hence it would be sensible to discover out from the greater education itself the certification programs are available according to the requirements for each of them and skills too.

* Self Assurance :

To make a career in hospitality management in a resorts or hotels, being confident is very vital for this profession as you will come across different kinds of individuals every day. Being shy whilst speaking with them when they cope with you will not be concerned, hence there is a need of self assurance. Demonstration and interaction abilities are of primary significance in hospitality industry and it needs you to cope with individuals with confidence.

* Be satisfactory :

A resort or hotel is always known by their team and staff. If you stroll into a resort and see that the employees are shabbily clothed and look ungroomed, is not presentable for clients. To make sure that clients keep arriving to your resort, you need to look best but decorating intensely with clothing. Instead look fresh, newly made, and be able to bring yourself well.

* Ability to Listen :

Hospitality is itself the profession that means of being patience and to listen carefully. Pay attention to what the client wants to say before you begin conversation with them.

* Taking care of the clients :

Since the hospitality industry is a customer oriented; which indicates, without clients, there will not be any hotels and you will discover yourself without a job. You need to have a ability of understanding how to deal with individuals, make sure their relaxation, and see to it that they do not have any problems. A few will always grumble and cannot please everyone, but you can always do at your best.

* Be Pleasant :

As clients are the purpose any resort prevails, it will be your responsibility to be friendly, respectful, and welcoming. You will need to be at your best actions all enough time – even when the client is throwing insults at you.


Facebook tells its users to ignore rumors spreading on the social network

Facebook tells its users to ignore rumors spreading on the social network

Social networking site Facebook is telling its users to ignore rumors spreading on the social network that they need to post a statement to protect their copyrights of their comments and other materials.

“There is a rumor circulating that Facebook is making a change related to ownership of users’ information or the content they post to the site,” Facebook said in a “fact check” notice on its website. This is false. Anyone who uses Facebook owns and controls the content and information they post, as stated in our terms. They control how that content and information is shared. That is our policy, and it always has been.

The notice came after the copyright notice went viral suggesting that a posted statement was needed to protect copyrights on Facebook. The hoax had been around in the past but resurfaced after Facebook announced changes to its privacy policies last week.

Users began repeating these posts, which stated, In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to all of my personal details, illustrations, comics, paintings, professional photos and videos, etc. This will place them under protection of copyright laws.


How to get started with a career in Journalism


How to get started with a career in Journalism :

Over the last few years career in Journalism has changed dramatically as new technology is introduced. Journalism is an exciting career for those who are interested in gathering, reporting, and analyzing information. Though Journalism career looks very glamorous, the actual work is far from it. It requires a lot of hard work, being independent, flexible, creative and highly innovative.

Career in journalism comprise of print media, broadcast media and or in online portals. Print journalism encompasses newspapers, magazines, and journals. Broadcast journalism comprises television, and radio. A wide variety of jobs being employed in large metropolitan and national newspapers, broadcast stations, and magazines, along with smaller local publications where many entry-level positions exist.

* In print media you are likely to begin your career as a trainee either in reporting or at the desk. Probably the desk people job involves editing the stories that are sent by reporters and designing pages.

Hence working in the field of journalism requires excellent word-processing skills while computer graphics and desktop-publishing skills are also useful. And it is you decide which news story goes where and what should the length of each news story be while designing the pages.

* In broadcast media, you probably commence your career as a trainee and will be sent on shoots. As a reporter your job involves to cover events happening around you. However, it will be some time before you are allowed to appear in front of the camera to report on events. You can become an anchor, a researcher, a producer, or go into specialized reporting where you will report on news.

Education Qualifications :

Basically there is no need of any degree to be a journalist. However, with competition increasing at a faster pace getting a journalism degree is not very difficult. Almost all universities offer the subject.

For opting career in journalism, you can go for graduation or post graduate course. Perhaps if you prefer to take up in your graduation, it is necessary for you to have cleared your higher secondary with any combination of subjects. If you desire to pursue a post graduation in journalism, be sure that you have completed your graduation in related to any specialization.

Skills :

* Journalism career requires the ability to present information accurately, and not give in to temptation and ramble.

* You will have to learn to organize your thoughts and express them orally and in writing.

* Since you will have to interview all sorts of people you require a lots of patience and confidence.

* You have to be tactful to avoid hurting sentiments.

Pay scale:

If  you are into print media, your pay will depend on the circulation and the popularity of the newspaper/magazine. If you choose to freelance, you will be paid for every article you submit, and you won’t be getting a salary. While you are pursuing a journalism course, it will help to intern if you write for newspapers.  If you are into broadcast media, you will start off with a pay of Rs. 20,000 a month.




How to build Professional Photographer career


How to build Professional Photographer career :

Photography is very useful profession for many establishments such as for newspapers, magazine issues which require high level images that represent liveliness of a picture and capturing rare moments, instead it’s not just a photography that are clicked away joyously on occasions.

Today with advanced technology and the infusion of cameras into mobile phones, anybody with a camera are considering themselves as a photographer and it’s also not a big thing to make it a profession since you get camera out of your reach at instances.

Photography is such a creative job that require innate talent than along with professional training. The training will only help to provide perfection to your skills with technical proficiency. Professional photography requires lots of hard work and determination to build career as photographer.

Although an advanced education is not needed for becoming a photographer, however photography training institutions offers the most promising assurance of success in fields such as industrial, news, or scientific photography. There are degree programs at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s levels. Mastery of computer hardware and software is necessary to be a professional photographer.

There are some attributes that are needed by a photographer to become professional in photography.

* Having Passion for Photography :

Simply being passionate about photography is not enough, instead have passion for making it as a career for existence. When you’re keen about photography, then photography should be on your mind throughout your goal. Any time you look into nearly anything, you are likely to contemplate, to make a brilliant photograph. Being passionate ensures you giving best from your side.

* Knowing well about career :

Building career in photography is not just knowing about your camera in and out. Every career has loopholes in the beginning, so knowing what you are getting yourself into with expertise can take you places. Photography profession is very time consuming, and hence, demands passion.

* Have patience :

Build contacts with all sorts of people which can lead you to new clients. Since you need to deal with many people, loads of patience is required to excel in this photography career. Waiting for the perfect picture might take hours or even days. Photographers must develop a keen sense of patience.

* Sell skills for Business :

Photography is one of the few professions that hire on based on a portfolio rather than a degree, although a degree is helpful in making contacts for full-time employment. Initially wherever you go, you need to tell people of your work to get business. As the technology grows, newer things will keep hitting the market every minute. Hence forth let your career get advanced equipment.