Accountancy Interview Questions

  1. Why have you applied to our firm?
  2. How did you chose your university?
  3. Explain the accounts payable cycle?
  4. What role did you play in collections?
  5. Why do you want to be an accountant?
  6. What other careers are you considering?
  7. Why did you choose the A-levels you did?
  8. What is your greatest achievement and why?
  9. Are there any questions you would like to ask?
  10. What information is included in a bill for services?
  11. Detail your responsibilities in accounts receivable?
  12. Which accounting applications are your familiar with?
  13. Were you happy with the grades you achieved at A-level?
  14. What are the most important goals of accounts receivable?
  15. What accounts payable applications are your familiar with?
  16. What is the difference between liquid asset and fixed asset?
  17. Tell me about a situation where you showed determination?
  18. What software applications have your used for accounts receivable?
  19. What qualities have you got that would make you a good accountant?
  20. What are the steps to take before you approve an invoice for payment?
  21. How many invoices on average do you handle on a weekly/monthly basis?
  22. What information do you require before you approve an invoice for payment?
  23. What was your average accounts receivable days outstanding/days sales outstanding?
  24. Have you ever been involved in an invoice dispute? How did you manage the problem?
  25. What do you consider to be the biggest challenge facing the accounting profession today?
  26. What have you read in the newspapers in the last few days that particularly interested you?
  27. What is the relationship between cost accounting financial accounting and managerial accounting?
  28. What is the difference between cost accounting management accounting and financial accounting?
  29. What are the effects of international accounting standards on accounting practices of developing nations?
  30. Where the financial accounting fails the cost accounting for is rescue but still there are some limitations deficiencies in the system?