Active Directory Interview Questions

  1. What is LDAP?
  2. What is Forest?
  3. What are GPOs?
  4. Where is secedit?
  5. What is Mixed Mode?
  6. What is Native Mode?
  7. Explain Active Directory?
  8. What is the Group Policy?
  9. What is the SYSVOL folder?
  10. What is Organizational Units?
  11. What is Empty Root Domain?
  12. Explain Active Directory schema?
  13. What is Restoring Active Directory?
  14. What is an Organizational Unit (OU)?
  15. Write Active Directory Restore Methods?
  16. How do I prepare to join the AD domain?
  17. Minimum Requirement for Installing AD?
  18. How do you view all the GCs in the forest?
  19. What is the order in which GPOs are applied?
  20. What is the purpose of the AD password reset?
  21. How do you manually create SRV records in DNS?
  22. How do you change the DS Restore admin password?
  23. How can I do a remote install of an operating system?
  24. What is difference between ADS and domain controller?
  25. Why am I having trouble printing with XP domain users?
  26. How will you verify whether the AD installation is proper?
  27. What Operating Systems are supported on the AD domain?
  28. What are the requirements for installing AD on a new server?
  29. Why can? T you restore a DC that was backed up 4 months ago?
  30. How can you restrict running certain applications on a machine?
  31. What?s the difference between a site link?s schedule and interval?
  32. What?s the difference between software publishing and assigning?
  33. What? s the difference between local, global and universal groups?
  34. How do I design two Active Directory domains in a client network?
  35. How do I determine if user accounts have local administrative access?
  36. How would you find all users that have not logged on since last month?
  37. How can you forcibly remove AD from a server, and what do you do later?
  38. What is the best way to migrate Exchange 2000 mailboxes to Exchange 2003?
  39. What can be restricted on Windows Server 2003 that wasn?t there in previous products?
  40. How can I modify the path of all my users’ home directory within Active Directory using a vbs logon script?