ADO.NET Interview Questions

  1. What is ADO.Net?
  2. Explain about LINQ?
  3. Explain LINQ to Entities?
  4. What is a stored procedure?
  5. Explain about data provider?
  6. Explain about Data services?
  7. How do I define a data adapter?
  8. Explain about Active X data objects?
  9. How to select data set or data reader?
  10. How XML is supported in ADO.Net?
  11. Explain about the command Data reader?
  12. Explain about ADO.NET and its features?
  13. How do I insert records using data reader?
  14. What is the execution procedure in oracle?
  15. Explain about command builder class feature?
  16. How can you find a problem in the data stack?
  17. How can we load multiple tables in to Dataset?
  18. What is the difference between ADO and ADO.NET?
  19. Explain about the relationship of XML and ADO.NET?
  20. What are the different languages which implement ADO?
  21. What is the Dot Net Framework data provider for Oracle?
  22. What does it mean by Dot Net Framework Data Provider?
  23. How do I update a record in the table using ADO.Net dataset?
  24. What is the Dot Net Framework data provider for SQL Server?
  25. How do I read data (or records) from database using data reader?
  26. Compare and explain about ADO.NET and Visual Stuidio.NET?
  27. What is the advantage of using stored procedure over the SQL queries?
  28. How do I call a stored procedure from my application using ADO.Net?
  29. What’s the difference between accessing data with dataset or data reader?
  30. What does it mean by disconnected data access architecture of ADO.Net?
  31. What are good ADO.NET object(s) to replace the ADO Record set object?
  32. How do I write common code for different dot net framework data providers?
  33. What is the architecture of connected environment of data access in ADO.Net?
  34. How can I make my first application with Data Grid using the data from ADO.Net?
  35. How do I make my first? Hello, Data Access Application Deployment? Setup program?
  36. Can we connect two data reader to same data source using single connection at same time?
  37. What are the basic steps involved in data access with ADO.Net in disconnected environment?
  38. How do different components of ADO.Net interact with each other in disconnected architecture?
  39. How to copy the contents from one table to another table and how to delete the source tabe in
  40. What are the standard dot net framework data providers that are shipped with the Dot Net Framework 1.1?