Most Blogs contain following elements


These are responses and reactions from the blog readers to post by the author.


blog posts are the updates added to the blog by the author or any contributor. These posts can be of few lines or a whole article of several hundred words.

Basic Components of a BlogPlug-ins:

There are thousands of plug-ins available; this plug-ins helps the owner of the blog to display pictures or advertisement in the sidebar of the blog. Plug-ins might be something that increases the likelihood of the blog being found by search engines.


Widgets enhance the display or add to the functions on the site.?For example, you might want to use the calendar widget so that a calendar appears in the margin of your blog and the days on that calendar are hyperlinked to the posts (updates) you added on that particular day.

These are the list of links to other blogs that the author recommends.:

Each and every blog design is known as a theme. There are many hundreds of themes freely available and there are commercially produced themes which anyone can buy. Some bloggers have a theme tailor made to their specifications.