Biometric Technology updates

Biometric is a science and technology of authentication. In fact biometric technology is not new technology.? Biometric technology is already used since ancient Egyptian times.

Biotechnology is used to identify the persons recording size of recognizable body parts; it is normally used to ensure that the person is the truly him / her.

Biometric Technology updatesBasically Biometric system was used in security purpose and also used in networking system Logically, no one has access without being trusted. Access control technology tries to automate the process of answering two basic questions before offering various types of access.

Where the first question is who are you? And the second question is ?Are you really as you say?? The first question represents the function of identification and the second question represents the function of verification. Where is the biometric technology first process?

This common approach is to gain access through the use of signs and assumptions that the owner of the sign and the proof identity will match. That kind model is called as single factor security. This technology is mostly used in house keyword system. This technology is also used for the identification purpose. This type of approach has a risk if the sign is lost or stolen. Once any one enters with the key of another person, they could easily enter the house. This also happens with password. It will not be a secret some one else can use it.

To over come this problem go for two factors security is find. This method is most cost and risks. The most common example of automated teller machine (ATM). With a card that shows who you are and PIN which is the mark you as the rightful owner of the card, you can access your bank account. The weakness of this security is that both signs should be at the requester of access. Thus, the card only or PIN only will not work Problems arise when you are forgetful person. Also, you often do not realize that the PIN is very personal thing. Basically, family or close friends may not know. The more sophisticated crime is to steal the PIN data from the source directly.

In this situation, biometric fingerprint scanner can be a solution. , it is pretty exotic technology in the real world. It was basically used in police stations, high security buildings and even on PC keyboards purpose. Using biometric technology you can identify the persons and cards and system.

There is no better way of identifying an individual than using his or her own unique characteristics. Today, with the ever increasing awareness of privacy and data protection, biometrics technology is the safest and the most convenient way in identification which improves individual identification all across the board. Biometrics has now commercial consciousness as laptops, mobiles phones, computers, and other home appliances can now be engaged using this amazing technology.

There are two categories of biometrics technology being used today. One is physiological biometrics which measures characteristics that can be empirically identified such as the face, fingerprint, hand, and iris. Another category is labeled as behavioral which includes signature, voice, and keystroke. As with any type of technology, each of this items under these two categories has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us get an overview of how each of them works.

Fingerprint Identification

Each person develops his or her unique fingerprint while still in the womb. No one can match her he and finger prints own brothers and sister. The ridges and valleys for each individual are unique. Today there are four sensor designs to conveniently identify a person?ultrasonic, optical, active capacitance, and passive capacitance. Using biometric technology we can identified.

Iris recognition

IRIS is the one of the most commonly used technology, in this recognition this can be used for more security purpose. One of the most accurate means of identifying an individual, iris recognition is a recent development in identification procedures in many countries.? This are mainly recently used in card verification purpose. Due to its unique characteristics such as its flatness, the iris of the individual can be accurately measured since each diameter is consistent in each eye. We can calculate retina iris we can find out them. As with fingerprints, the fine texture and unique patterns can be easily measured.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is most commonly used technique. Where in the Facial recognition mainly 5 steps are available. First capture the image and after you can store in the data base.? utilizes standard photographic techniques to record a human face. A seasoned photograph operator can measure the distances between the characteristics in the face such as center of the pupils, the outside corner of eyes, pattern of the hairline, the inside metric from the corners of the eyes, and other common facial recognition techniques used in our everyday life. To aid in a more objective process, there are specialized software that can automatically identify or verify a person from a digital image or even a video frame.


This technique in identification is fast turning into obsolescence due to fast advances in scanning technologies at present. A good case in point is the ability of any individual men to ?sign? documents electronically by using their stored ?true type? fonts.

voice recognition

Although this technology has been around for forty years, voice recognition is still a very reliable means to identify individuals by using acoustic features unique to the speaker. Its non-invasive and non-intrusive characteristics make it an ideal person filter.

These techniques in identification have proven their worth as the years passed. While some of them may not make it to Technology news anymore, each of them is still effective if used properly and in conjunction with other techniques. Many institutions are now employing a set of biometric identification techniques. It is not also surprising that in the near future, even a flash drive will feature a biometrics to safeguard even the most mundane of data it holds.