Board Exam Preparation Tips

Whatever the level of exam whether it is a university level or entrance level and a school level board exam causes stress among students which affects their performance level. At the school level the board exams looks as if they are the most important thing at that moment but in the bigger scheme of your life its plays a small role.

The key to performing well in the exams, apart from, studying hard, grasping everything and retaining everything, smart work is better than more work in a proper way, so that all the hard work leads to excellent performance in board exams.

  1. Board Exam Preparation TipsAll the SSC, CBSE and ICSE students those who are preparing for Board exam must need to start their preparation as early as possible since almost all the portion would get completed 2 to 3 months before board exams starts. Students unnecessarily waiting for last minute preparations leads to stress and anxiety in them.
  2. By maintaining notes for each subject the students can easily Study and memorize the basics. So begin with organizing good study? materials. And if the basic concepts are grasped easily then the finishing touches will be good at board exam.
  3. The students preparing for board exam should analyse the difficult subjects and divide it into smaller study tasks and practice more to get success. Since it is very important to become familiar with the correct terminology for a subject.
  4. Most of the students while preparing for board exam, they come across many distractions which leads to lack of concentration. So it is better to avoid such distractions in order to improve concentration to get succeeded in board exams.
  5. The best preparation for board exams is to take frequent tests which helps to evaluate their performance. Students should make a habit of solving previous years question papers everyday, so that? The students can identify where they went wrong and and revise the relevant concept.
  6. Setting a timetable and working according to that help to
    track and monitor the progress of performance as and then. So the students should maintain and set the time for both fun, relaxation and study so that they don?t get exhausted at the time of board exams.
  7. Experiment with alternative revision techniques increases motivation of the students while preparing for board exams.
  8. The main thing, students preparing for board exam should never ignore text books to read them thoroughly.
  9. The students should practice all the problems by writing down and instead of learning verbally. Most of the students spend less time on languages like English, since it is main subject it should be prepared well equal to other subjects as it is counted on overall percentage.
  10. Clearing all doubts ahead with concerned teachers friends and family helps in the preparation of their board exam.
  11. The most thing the students should never try to compare their performance with their friends in the pre-Board exams, instead set own goals and work hard to achieve that in the main board exam.
  12. Making a flash cards with all the important formulae and concepts and carring along with them wherever they go is very much useful to recollect and memorize them.
  13. Students preparing for board exam, should always keep in mind that they do not sit and study for long hours at a stretch. It is always advisable to take short breaks so that they feel refresh when they come back to studies.
  14. Eating healthy and doing proper exercise and meditation helps to improve the concentration of students preparing for board exams.