Bollywood Quiz 5

Bollywood Quiz 5

Bollywood Quiz 5

1. When was Meena Kumari born?

2. What was Meena Kumari’s name when she acted in Leatherface?

3. In which of the following films was Dilip Kumar Meena Kumari’s co-star?

4. When did Meena Kumari die?

5. Which film starring Meena Kumari became a hit after her death?

6. What was Meena Kumari’s real name?

7. Where was Meena Kumari born?

8. Who were Meena Kumari’s co-stars in Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi?

9. What was Meena Kumari’s character in Parineeta?

10. The day Meena Kumari died was a holy day for Christians. What was it?


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