Business Analyst Interview Questions

  1. What is actually SDD?
  2. What does UML mean?
  3. What is business analysis?
  4. How do you evaluate a business plan?
  5. What is the meaning of a GAP analysis?
  6. Why is an Activity diagram so important?
  7. In what way does use case relate to test case?
  8. What is the career path for a Business Analyst?
  9. How can we manage non feasible requirements?
  10. What diagrams are familiar to a Business analyst?
  11. What are the responsibilities of a business analyst?
  12. How can we describe in detail a sequence diagram?
  13. What are the challenges faced by a business analyst?
  14. How is requirement analysis done by business analyst?
  15. What direction does a Business Analyst in his/her career?
  16. What kind if tools does a Business Analyst use commonly?
  17. What documents have to be delivered by a Business Analyst?
  18. What problems did you run into while gathering requirements?
  19. Mention some of the tools commonly used by business analyst?
  20. What does a good management of documentation system mean?
  21. During a project work, how are the rules of a business respected??
  22. How is an entity relationship diagram different from a data model?
  23. What types of requirements should not be documented in use cases?
  24. Which quality procedures are handled usually by a Business Analyst?
  25. Why excellent communication skill is essential for a business analyst?
  26. What?s the difference between a system use case vs. a business use case?
  27. What are the 3 most important skills or qualities a good business analyst?
  28. What are the lists of documents that a Business Analyst needs to maintain?
  29. How do you make a report if this is the first time when you meet the SME?
  30. What can we understand from the terms low level and high level use cases?
  31. In what circumstances do we have to use rational rose and also requisite pro?
  32. How would you transform business requirements to functional requirements?
  33. What is actor generalization and give me an example of a use case generalization?
  34. Hoe can basic flow be found and what means determining basic flows for use cases?
  35. What problems does a Business Analyst encounter regarding requirements gathering?
  36. How does the role of Business Analysts differ from a Project Manager?? From a SME?
  37. Which obstacles or challenges have you met during your Business Analyst experience?
  38. Is it true a Business Analyst has to directly enter in contact with clients and if it is, why?
  39. Why do you thing you would fit better than others on the position of a Business Analyst?
  40. What pluses and minuses has the method of screen mockups when the requirements are picked up?