Career and Responsibilities of Perl Programmer

Career and Responsibilities of Perl Programmer

PERL is a programming language used to create computer programs and applications. Perl is a dynamic programming language very similar to C in many respects. It is used most widely in system administration, web site development and networking tasks. It is known to be a very straight-forward, easy to use programming language. Perl is most commonly used in common gateway interface (CGI) applications, graphical user interface (GUI) development, systems administration, database development and network programming.

Perl programming language is an open source language, which means it was developed and is maintained by an informal community rather than any paid governmental or corporate entity. That means you can learn about it free of charge, as PERL’s system software and training materials are freely available on the web, but it also means there is no official, financially compensated point of contact for support or certification.

PERL programmers often work in offices, though by its nature their work can usually be done remotely at a computer. As with many information technology (IT) occupations, this job may involve working as a team with other IT professionals to ensure the smooth running of the technological interfaces of a company or organization.
Perl Developers often work on web development, systems programming and database management.

Eligibility for Perl Programmer:

A bachelor’s, master’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering is the eligibility criteria for those who are looking for an entry-level position as a Perl Developer.

Apart from being able to program in Perl language, a successful Perl Developer should also be comfortable with Linux or UNIX operating systems and shell scripting. Familiarity with other web development languages, such as PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails, can be also helpful. If one intends to work on database development, the ability to code in SQL and a working knowledge of databases, such as Oracle and MySQL, are also required.

Perl is known as a relatively easy language to learn and to use. A knowledge of Perl would be very useful for System Administrators Network Administrators and would be a necessity for many Web Developers.

Responsibilities of Perl Programmer:

1. PERL programmers are computer programmers who specialize in Perl language. PERL programmers write code in the PERL programming language for software applications. In addition, they test and de-bug programs to make sure they work properly.

2. As a Perl programmer, they translate programs designed by software engineers and developers into this code to make the program run, as well as test and troubleshoot the coded product to make sure it works as intended. If it does not work, they locate and fix the error until the program operates correctly in the PERL language.

3. Perl Developers may be responsible for designing, developing, debugging, testing and maintaining software applications.

4. Perl Programmers are also responsible for collecting and processing data, developing, manipulating and converting databases and providing technical support and recommendations to clients.

5. Perl Programmers may participate in implementation, including preparation, execution and installation support to assure quality system changes.