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What is the Difference between Labour and Employee

What is the Difference between Labour and Employee Labour = Wages, Blue color worker Employee= Salary, White color employee. Employee means person employed. He may be a labour, clerk, Operator, technician etc. In general sense people will be called the office staff as employees. From legal perspective Labours is  generally termed as workman and all […]

What is Informatica and it’s Architecture

What is Informatica and it’s Architecture The Informatica is known to be the most trusted and widely popular brand for data integration tools, offering varied range of products to the customers. The famous products of Informatica offers to the customers are the Power Center and the Ultra messaging software. Informatica, on a large scale offers […]

Java Beans Interview Questions

Java Beans Interview Questions What is EJB object ? What is EJB context ? What is EJB Home object ? Write a simple bean program? What is enterprise bean provider? What is bean persistance property? What is property editor in java beans? What are the properties of java beans? What are the purpose of introspection? […]

What is radio jockeying, How to become one?

What is radio jockeying, How to become one? What is RJing? Earlier Radio jocks were termed as Radio announcers but with the advent of FM’s  And online radios the terms are fast changing. Radio jock entertains the listeners and guides them through various topics & information. It’s not necessary for an RJ to confine himself […]

How to Become Recognized at Work

How to Become Recognized at Work There a people who put their energy and soul, worked for long hours, including many weekends for work, brought profits to the team but have never been recognized. It is one of the biggest complaints from employees is the failure to be recognized. Recognizing what works in the workplace […]

How would you describe yourself at Interview

How would you describe yourself at Interview The question how would you describe yourself is almost invariably asked in the majority of interviews, and is always answered dismally. Answer this question as it comes. But don’t give an answer like “My name is etc. etc. these basic details about you and your work history are […]

Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Frequently Asked Interview Questions Can you tell me the name of the company you worked and dates of employment? What were your roles and responsibilities in your previous company? Why did you resign from your previous company? / Why do you want to change your previous company? Have you been fired by any company? If […]

Architecture Interview Questions

Architecture Interview Questions What is interrupt? What is pipelining? Explain cache memory? What is Virtual Memory? What is an architectural pattern? Is it possible to calculate ROI for SOA? Explain domestic architecture artifacts? How to improve the cache performance? Explain the five stages in a DLX pipeline? Explain hard disk and what is its purpose? […]

.Net Deployment Interview Questions

.Net Deployment Interview Questions What is CLR in .NET? What are Attributes in .NET? How is meant by DLL in .NET? What is Machine config in .NET? What does mean by .NET framework? How to achieve Polymorphism in VB.Net? How can you debug failed assembly binds? What are the different types of assemblies? What do […]

DB2 Interview Questions

DB2 Interview Questions What is DCLGEN? What is a DB2 plan? At what stage db2 must be up? What is COPY PENDING status? How to increase table space in DB2? What is performance tuning in DB2? What are the various locks available? How to know other person job status? How do you select a row […]