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Loadrunner and Performance Testing Training Institutes

Loadrunner and Performance Testing Training Institutes HP LoadRunner is a load testing product that determines application scalability, behavior, and performance. It emulates thousands of virtual users, and identifies and isolates performance bottlenecks across and within each tier. Load runner is an mercury interactive automated testing tool for testing the load and performance of an application […]

LoadRunner Training Institutes

LoadRunner Training Institutes LoadRunner is a testing tool that load tests the application by emulating an environment in which multiple users work concurrently. While the application is under load, LoadRunner accurately measures, monitors and analyzes a system’s performance and functionality. Load runner is a mercury interactive automated testing tool for testing the load and performance […]

ETL Testing Training Institutes

ETL Testing Training Institutes There are several software tools that can be used to support the process, but sometimes specific software programs need to be coded to achieve the objective. In such case ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) is a process in data warehousing responsible for pulling data out of the source systems and placing it […]

Software Testing Tools Training Institutes

Software Testing Tools Training Institutes Software Testing is a crucial tool to provide a quality product without any bug or issue. Software testing is more than just error detection.As computers and software are used in critical applications, the outcome of a bug can be severe. Bugs can cause huge losses. Hence, Software Testing is the […]

Basic Concepts of Software Testing

Basic Concepts of Software Testing Software testing is a field with no set “best practices.” Because so much of testing is based on the particular context of the test, it’s often difficult to clarify, categorize and dispense advice on aspects of software testing. Testing is often confused with the processes of quality control and quality […]

Levels of Software Testing

Levels of Software Testing Software Testing is the process of running a program in order to find the errors and mistake of the program at the time of execution. The main intention of Software Testing is to evaluate an attribute and to check the potentiality of the program whether it gives the required output. Testing […]

How do you create a test plan/design?

How do you create a test plan/design? Test scenarios and/or cases are prepared by reviewing functional requirements of the release and preparing logical groups of functions that can be further broken into test procedures. Test procedures define test conditions, data to be used for testing and expected results, including database updates, file outputs, report results. […]

Manual Testing Interview Questions for Fresher

The following below mentioned Questions are frequently asked questions for fresher Manual Testing job. What is Manual Testing? What is smoke Testing? What is Alpha Testing? What is the accessibility testing? What is Ad Hoc Testing? What is the Alpha Testing? What is Beta Testing? What is Component Testing? What is Compatibility Testing? What is […]

Bug Reports Interview Questions

Bug Reports frequently asked questions 1. Be very specific when describing the bug. More concise means less ambiguous, so less clarification will be needed later on. Don’t let there be any room for interpretation. 2.  Calling windows by their correct names (by the name displayed on the title bar) will eliminate some ambiguity. 3.  Don’t […]

Winrunner Interview Questions

Winrunner Interview Questions 1 Define Winrunner? Ans: Winrunner is Mercury Interactive Functional Testing Tool. 2 Give short answer about Winrunner? Ans:  Winrunner helps you automate the testing process, from test development to execution. You can create adaptable and reusable test scripts that challenge the functionality of your application. Prior to a software release, you can […]