Computer Safety Tips for Children

Computer Safety Tips for Children

As children age, they should learn the latest computer guidelines regarding safety. There are many computer safety tips for children directed toward parents, teachers and other adults. However, children from a young age need to learn basic Internet safety and general issues about children and computers.

Computer Safety Tips for ChildrenWith technology driving young people today, it is important to use certain healthy computing tips for children that can be incorporated into daily life.

1. Set up your computer in a common area of your home so that it’s in view when your children are using it.

2. You need to be aware of what type of protection your child will have at her school, library and friends’ homes.

3. Establish computer use rules in your household like how to handle the computer and time allotments for usage. Print out computer safety rules and the pledge, have children sign both and post them near the computer station.

4. A child should be equipped with an ergonomically designed computer set up. The computer, desk, chair and so on should be optimized for the size and the age of the child who uses it.

5. Use a child sized mouse and keyboard which will make for healthier computing for children and will also make it easier for a child to learn more about a computer.

6. Tell the child about the importance of taking breaks. The importance of taking frequent breaks, for a healthy body as well as mind, should be stressed.

8. Let your children know from the beginning that the sharing of personal photographs and information such as addresses, phone numbers, school or hometown is absolutely forbidden. Have them use screen names instead of their real names when accessing message boards or email accounts.

9. Take the time to talk openly with your child about the concerns you have and let him know that he should let you know about any online activity that scares him or makes him feel uncomfortable.

10. Teach your children not to reveal private information about themselves on a computer.