Dot Net Benefits and its Career

Information Technology has become one of the most promising sectors for youngsters as a career. Among the career options in IT, a career in Dot Net has a high growth prospect in the future. Various institutes and firms offer courses and certification in Dot Net languages which enhances carrier growth prospects further.

Benefits of .NET :

* .NET provides the best platform available today for delivering Windows software. .NET helps make software better, faster, cheaper, and more secure. .NET is not the only solution for developing Web software?Java on Linux is a serious alternative. But on the Windows desktop, .NET rules.

* For developers, .NET provides an integrated set of tools for building Web software and services and Windows desktop applications. .NET supports multiple programming languages and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).

* For companies, .NET provides a stable, scalable and secure environment for software development. .NET can lower costs by speeding development and connecting systems, increase sales by giving employees access to the tools and information they need, and connect your business to customers, suppliers and partners.

* For end-users, .NET results in software that?s more reliable and secure and works on multiple devices including laptops, Smartphones and Pocket PCs.

Career in .NET :

A person with Dot Net as his specialty can get a job in various job profiles. At first as a new recruit he can get the job of software developer. The major responsibility of a Dot Net technician is to develop the application which can run easily on any platform.

The career prospects of this technology are high worldwide. There are different multinational companies which look for professionals with such expertise. Many companies have changed their prior software to .NET due to its high reliability factor and ability to work on different platforms and on different devices.

An individual looking for career in Dot Net can go for MCTS (, MCTS (, and MCPD, which are specialized international certifications available for this technology provided by Microsoft. They can also go for CCNA, CCNP, CCIE provided by Cisco Systems, USA. Once the student gets certified through any of these exams, he/she can be recruited by any of the IT companies and can work there as Network Analyst, Network administrator etc.