First in the World

First in the WorldFirst in the World

First American President to visit India???????? :?????????? Dwight David Eisenhower

First British Prime Minister to visit India???? :?????????? Harold Macmillan

First Chairman of Central Government of

People?s Republic of China?????????????????????????????????? :?????????? Mao Tse-tung

First Chinese Pilgrim to Visit India????????????????? :?????????? Fahien

First European Invader of India?????????????????????? :?????????? Alexander the Great

First governor General of Pakistan????????????????? :?????????? Mohammed Ali Jinnah

First Man to Reach South Pole????????????????????????? :?????????? Amundson

First Man to Climb Mount Everest????????????????? 😕 Tenzing Norgay ( India ) Edmund Hillary ( New? Zealand)

First Place where atom bomb was dropped?????? :?????????? Hiroshima

First Man to reach North Pole???????????????????????????????? :?????????? Ropert Peary by over land journey

First Man Cosmonaut in Space?????????????????????????????? :?????????? Yuri Gagarian of U.S.S.R.

First Man to walk in Space??????????????????????????????????????? :?????????? Alexei Leonov of U.S.S.R

First Man to set foot on moon??????????????????????????????? :?????????? Neil Armstronf Followed by Edwin

Aldrin of U.S.A

First person to sail round the world?????????????????? :?????????? Ferdinand Magellan

First Man to climb Mount Everest twice?????????? :?????????? Nawang Gombu

First President of Chinese Republic??????????????????? :?????????? Sun Yat-Sen

First President of USA????????????????????????????????????????????? :?????????? George Washington

First Prime Minister of Great Britan?????????????????? :?????????? Walpole

First Russian Prime Minister to visit India????? :?????????? Nikolai A Bulgarin

First Woman Cosmonaut in Space?????????????????????? :?????????? Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova

of U.S.S.R

First Woman to climb Mount Everest??????????????? :?????????? Mrs. Junko Tabei of Japan

First Woman President of a Country????????????????? :?????????? Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Srilanka

First woman in the world to cross the

strait of Gibraltar?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :?????????? Arti Pradhan of India