General Knowledge Quiz 7

General Knowledge Quiz 7General Knowledge Quiz 7

General Knowledge Quiz for those attending for Competitive Exams

1. 'White Leghorn' is the breed of

2. 'Sadakat Ashram' was the house of

3. The term 'Avalokiteshvara' is associated with

4. The Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award is given in the field of

5. Which of the following ancient Buddhist universities was divided into three campuses, each located atop the three adjoining hills of Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri and Udayagiri?

6. Which of these cities usually hosts the winter session of a state assembly?

7. Who became the first actor to win the Filmfare Award for ‘Best Actor’ in 1954?

8. The term 'Vasanta Sena' refers to a group of housewives in Kerala who are involved in

9. Who is the original author of the translated novel 'God of Small Things'?

10. Who was the first Indian to be appointed as the Chief Justice of Bombay High Court?


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