General Knowledge Quiz 9

General Knowledge Quiz 9General Knowledge Quiz 9

General Knowledge Quiz for those attending for Competitive Exams

1    Christianity was first introduced in India at

2    The first Indian ruler who joined the subsidiary alliance was

3. The election to the --------President of India was held in July 2002.

4. Who was the Prime Minister of India when the 42nd Amendment Bill bringing in the changes in the constitution was passed?

5. Which Indian city was gifted by the Portuguese as dowry to Charles II, the King of England, when he got married to the sister of the King of Portugal in 1662?

6. Which was the largest and richest among the princely states of pre-Independent India?

7.  'Sampradaya' is the music album of which famous Indian classical vocalist?

8.  Which famous national leader of India has written books on the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates and the ancient Roman king Marcus Aurelius?

9. Which of the following places served as a pleasure island for the Sultan of Bijapur?

10. Which was the only refinery in India at the time of its Independence?

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