gurille marketingGuerrilla Marketing Tips


Guerrilla marketing is a great way to showcase your freelance business to potential clients without using much cash, thus keeping your business costs low and your ability to pick up and move onto another idea seem almost seamless in transition. The objective of guerrilla marketing is to create a unique, engaging and thought-provoking concept to generate buzz, and consequently turn viral.

  1. Guerrilla marketing should always summarize a positive characteristic of your brand, but never summarize your entire brand.
  2. Not one consumer will embrace your brand if they feel the brand has disrespected them as a person or as a part of a bigger group. Although it is creative to be somewhat controversial, you must tip-toe this line carefully, as your image has a lot to lose by going overboard.
  3. Stay on the cutting edge by using current technology, budgeting your time and resources, and making the most of your creative abilities rather than on spending money.
  4. Writing on bills is ok as long as it doesn?t affect the ability for the bill to be used in sales. So all you need to do is write your website url right on the bottom of the bill without writing over top of anything else and you?re good to go. Do this on every bill that comes across your hands.
  5. Organise free self employment advice sessions for recently unemployed people in your town or city. In that way you can get some enquiries about the product you are selling and many unemployed youngsters will show interest on marketing your products.
  6. Apparently there are many people who read e-mail and do not surf the web as one Guerrilla Marketer found out in setting up a new website. Remember that the best way to reach people is to offer multiple forms of communication.
  7. Sign spinners are employees who have been trained to stand on public street corners and acrobatically display large cardboard signs indicating where to get a particular offer. The sign spinners can be employees of the company they are promoting or simply sponsored by the local company.
  8. When you?re heading into the movie theater, pay the person?s way behind you and tell the cashier to give them your business card. You?re not guaranteed that the person will become a client but the word of mouth on that one would be pretty big.
  9. Submit regular Press Releases to trade publications, the business section of local newspapers, online newswires, etc. to announce the launch or relocation of your business, new clients / projects, new hires, promotions, etc.