History Quiz 1

History Quiz 1Test your knowledge in history.

1. Pushyamitra Sunga was responsible for overthrowing which dynasty?

2. In Indian history, who first claimed himself to be the Sardeshmukh of Maharashtra ?

3. Which of these temples was built by the brothers Tejapala and Vastupala?

4.  Who was the Governor General when the railway system was first constructed in India?

5. Which empire did the emperor Krishna Deva Raya rule over?

6.  Which of these songs was sung in the 1896 session of Indian National Congress?

7. The Phoenicians carried which fruit to France in 600 B.C.?

8.  Which was the first state of pre-independent India to issue a stamp?

9. In 1871 who founded the German Empire and served as its chancellor for 19 years?

10. On what subject did Alexander Cunningham conducted the first scientific study?


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