History Quiz 2

History Quiz 2History Quiz 2

1. Who was the founder of the Asiatic Society of Bengal?

2. Who was the founder of the Banaras Hindu University?

3. Who founded Sikhism?

4. Which Mughal empress was the niece of Nur Jahan?

5. During the 1857 mutiny who was the queen of Jhansi's trusted general?

6. In collaboration with the Japanese, who started the 'Indian National Army', in the hope of expelling the British from India?

7. Who was the founder of the present city of Allahabad?

8. The Brihadeeswara temple at Tanjore was built by an emperor of which dynasty?

9. In 1965, which historic expedition did Captain Manmohan Singh Kohli lead?

10. Kerala is mentioned as Keralaputra in a 3rd-century-BC rock inscription left by which of these emperor?


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