How to avoid Interview Mistakes

Getting a job in the field you want is going to require doing well in your interviews. An interview is a process whereby the recruiter or employer meets a future employee who he wishes to recruit and interview is an integral part of recruitment process. The job interview can be a stressful process especially for those who are going to a competitive position.

Doing well in an interview with the HR is the most important thing you can do to win the job. Managers have a tendency to hire people who meet their expectations so it is important to understand what those expectations are.

How to avoid Interview MistakesThere are many mistakes that are to be avoided if you are attending for an interview :

  1. The most common mistake that has to be avoided for a job seeker is that they do not research themselves by taking inventory of their experience, knowledge and skills. Knowing your talent prepares you to immediately respond to any question about your experience. You must be prepared to discuss any part of your background.
  2. Reaching late to interview place is the worst mistake done by a candidate who is attending for an interview. Before you directly go to the interview place you must take a ride to the location a day or two before the interview so you know how to get there. Being late to the interview brings you a bad first impression at your interview.
  3. The big mistake you should avoid is answering questions too generally. This is a common problem, but it can hurt your chances of being hired. Interviewers don?t want rehearsed lines that could be spoken by anyone. They want to know about you. Take the common interview question.
  4. It is an important for you to communicate with your clients and colleagues. Most of them lose their jobs due to lack of communication skills. When you go to the interview you need to have excellent nonverbal communication. You should show self-confidence, and it is also essential for you to make eye contact with the person you’re talking.
  5. If you are worried about your breath and want to use the gum to make sure it smells pleasant, use mints instead as they dissolve quickly and do a better job of freshening your breath.? Never chew gum as it doesn?t look professional and should never be done during an interview and is the most avoidable mistake.
  6. Interviews should be positive never speak badly of others, even if you don?t have anything positive to say. Stay away from negativity which might leave the wrong impression with the interviewer.
  7. Another important mistake you do is never take any calls during interview is going on even though interviewers sometimes take important calls right in the middle of their discussions with you. In fact, you should turn if off your phone completely before you step foot in the building. The ringing or vibrating can be annoying during an interview for both you and the interviewer. And don?t start calling people as soon as you?ve left the interviewer?s office. That doesn?t make a very good impression either. At least wait until you get in your car to tell your friend how things went.
  8. Do not give an impression that you are a perfectionist. You always must give an impression that you desire to be a perfectionist. Being nervous should be avoided as it the biggest mistake as an interviewer never wants a Nervous employee. If you exhibit tension and nervous, you may end up eliminated.
  9. The important mistake you want to avoid is dressing improperly. While dressing properly for an interview should be common sense. If your dressing is not proper this make you not to be hired. The clothes that you wear to the interview should be directly related to the job you are applying for.
  10. Pay attention to the application. While you will need to submit a resume to most jobs, failing to feel out the application properly can cause problems. You should have all of the information that is needed for the application. If you don’t have it, avoid making guesses. Look for the information and leave the application blank until you find it.
  11. If you are in a panic because you do not know about a topic in question, simply be honest and state that you hope to learn more about whatever question the interviewer poses, as the topic interests you a great deal. If you lie about a detail on your CV or about having knowledge in an area where really you do not, you could lose your job if it is discovered in the future.
  12. Highlight a skill that you wish to improve upon and describe what you are doing to enhance your skill in this area. Interviewers don’t care what your weaknesses are. They want to see how you handle the question and what your answer indicates about you
  13. Never badmouth a past employer. Doing so will damage your credibility in the eyes of the interviewer, and it’s very unlikely you’ll go through to the next round of the interview process.
  14. Candidate arrogance is a common complaint among interviewers. Candidates too often cross over from confidence to arrogance. There is a fine distinction between the two. Confident people relate to interviewers as equals, while arrogant people are condescending, giving the impression they think they’re above other people, either socially or otherwise.
  15. Don?t forget that your interview is over until you leaving out off the building. This happens more than it should beware of casual interactions inside the company’s building or facilities. Don’t say or do anything that would reflect poorly on you if it were shared with the hiring manager.