How to overcome Presentation Nerves

Speaking or giving presentation in public for most of the people is one of the major fears that ruin their whole job. But one must remember that most of the presentation nerves are useful, normal and understandable to find coping strategies. This Presentation nerves is faced by most of the students, colleagues and even lecturers while performing in front of group of people.

But it is very important to know why people get nervous during presentation. Presentation nerves can be seen as physically and mentally where physical nerves causes shaking and sweating Of the body and mental nerves causes being muddled and talking which doesn?t make any sense. And sometimes presentation nerves is obvious when people present.

  1. How to overcome Presentation NervesPresentation nerves is caused sometimes we can pressure ourselves with high expectations to achieve especially if it is a first presentation. And to attain such expectations we over react and get confused which leads to presentation nerves. So first we must think to prepare ourselves for presentation with proper planning that reduces nervousness.
  2. Take a deep breath before you attend to give presentation. Most of them often overlook this technique but this one simple technique can really help to calm you and slow you down and give presentation very smoothly.
  3. By controlling the speed of speech you can give your presentation with good control on nerves. When you are nervous your speech speed will increase and it may spoil your presentation.
  4. With some psychological techniques you can stop negative thoughts that comes into your mind and reduces confidence while presentation. psychological techniques helps to manage positive mental attitude towards presentation and stays in control.
  5. Before attending presentation you must imagine how you feel when you get success. How you are received by people at the end of presentation the sounds that you hear. Imagine all of the positives about the presentation.
  6. Some practical techniques like rehearsing really helps to improve presentation without any nerves. And experience is one of the best ways to get rid of nerves. If you more experience in giving presentations then you feel more confident without facing presentation nerves.
  7. Have control on nervous energy just before you go for presentation by planning what you can do that 3 minutes before you present, what you can do 20 seconds before you start and also what you can do during your presentation if the nerves start to kick in again and how to try and control things.
  8. A good presenter with confidence will definitely have something significance to share and useful to the audience then an average nervous presentation also will be successful and well received by people. Otherwise you have to face failure.
  9. It is obvious that even the most practiced presenters feels a bit nervous. But one should make use of nervous energy. When you are in a heightened state from the adrenaline that is being pumped into your body, you can use that energy to communicate actively. Only thing is reduce the nervousness so that you can use your energy on positive activities instead of trying to control presentation nerves.
  10. Make sure that you consult your audience before your go for presentation. This gives you more confidence that you are presenting them with useful and interesting material and you can overcome with less presentation nervous.
  11. You may not cover everything you know in your presentation and it may leads to long and boring. Instead select most significant points from your topic and then add with other material if you have enough time.
  12. By memorizing technique you can calm nervousness but it doesn?t give very effective presentation since it sounds like robot speech. And any word is missed whole presentation is spoiled and you get more nerves.

So structure your presentation by giving clues for yourself what comes next and this avoids memorizing your presentation and feel comfortable with your presentation.