How to Prepare for EAMCET

How to Prepare for EAMCET

In Andhra Pradesh EAMCET is a common entrance test conducted every year by JNT University Hyderabad on behalf of Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) only once in a year in the months between March  and May. EAMCET is stands for the Engineering Agriculture and Medicine Common Entrance Test are being conducted after the completion of Intermediate Board Exams after 45 days.

EAMCET is an examination for entry into a different professional courses offered in Government and Private Colleges in Andhra Pradesh.

How to Prepare for EAMCETGuidelines for Preparing for EAMCET:

  1. Preparation for the EAMCET exams the candidates must have pre planning and should follow a strategic.
  2. The candidates who are starting preparation for EAMCET exam need to manage time in the right manner by allocating the time for each subject in a proper way. And the candidates should make sure that studying too much on a single day can cause a disgusting feeling and they may not feel like studying the next day so divide the time equally for fun and studies.
  3. The candidates appearing for EAMCET exam should make sure that they have enough material for each and every topic. Try to read various models of questions appearing each exam and try to solve more and more problem solving techniques from in reading text books by spending relevant time.
  4. As EAMCET exam is formula oriented , it is very important  for the candidates to have command on all the basic formulas and concepts from all the chapters and should concentrate on the intermediate first year syllabus. Knowing formulas is not enough but using them in problem is very important. And this is possible by the method of practicing each problem in two or three different styles.
  5. While preparing for EAMCET Mathematics exam candidates should practice substitution methods and confirmation methods and also tips and tricks given in all EAMCET materials
  6. Speed and Accuracy are the most important aspects for the Candidates preparing for EAMCET exam. The speed is possible by focusing on shortcuts and direct answers. Sharpness of mind is mandatory for exams that helps in understanding concepts very easily, quickly and can respond to a tricky questions.
  7. Candidates preparing for EAMCET exam should concentrate on Mock Tests which helps to check their mistakes they have done by going through a number of mock tests from previous year question papers, The topics which are same as that in the concepts are to be read at a time s that it lessens the preparation time for the student.
  8. EAMCET candidates should have positive thinking and should be able to visualise themselves doing well at the exam. The candidates should never compare with others instead they must concentrate on their performance.
  9. Start exam preparation as early as possible so that the candidates can cover all the topics which are taught by revising. Revision helps to cover all the topics and the candidates get time to learn new topics.
  10. By group studying it creates interest in the candidates and makes easy for them to prepare for EAMCET exam as they learn while teaching and consumes less time in understanding the concepts.
  11. The EAMCET exam questions are not tricky, they just need simple basic concepts in each topic to understand. Read each question carefully, sometimes the answers can be identified in the question only without solving the problem.
  12. The candidates preparing for EAMCET exam should maintain calm and cool mind state. Since they have to cover the entire syllabus, if exam is nearing never try to learn new topics, since it makes you lose confidence.
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