How to stop over thinking in Your Life

Over thinking is a human tendency to analyze every situation from every angle and occurs when you have a critical turning off your mind. Over thinking reflects to worry, anxiety and self-criticize what you have already done and you judge. According to experts every minute there are about 20 to 40 thoughts are running in our minds. This over thinking affects your behavior in your actions of your life.

How to stop over thinking in Your LifeOverthinking might look like it can won?t cause any real damage to the over-thinker, but over thinking has been related to the cause of depression, heart problems, high blood pressure and leads to other illnesses which make you sick mentally and also physically. Thus over thinking affects throughout our entire life and health. Chronic over thinking about the things makes you unhappy and make worse you about your judgement which severely impacts your ability to function normally.

There are many causes of over-thinking vary from person to person and situation to situation such has lack of self-confidence, anxiety, perfectionism, bad experiences and many more. What ever the cause may be there are few guidelines to stop over thinking in life to lead cool and tension free life.

  1. Over thinking can have a negative effect on your efficiency in life if you spend more time in thinking you get less time to finis your tasks. So instead of focusing full attention on thinking to find yourself obsessing about past mistakes focus on what is there in front of you to do without over thinking and by sticking to the? present situation and letting the right actions arise naturally. Then you discover better results than for what you put lot of thought by setting deadlines to your thoughts and tasks..
  2. If you are over thinking means that you are afraid to act which is a defense mechanism. So try to eliminate the fears and excuses nearby your goal because the negative thoughts that explodes in your mind leads to destruction of your task.
  3. Over thinking can be stopped if you are aware of doing what and when you have to. Then you stop yourself doing which is not worth and instead you thought of doing something more helpful. And if you over think about unnecessary things you may overcomplicate them and you become nervous by thinking always which cripple your performance and produce bad results.
  4. Put your plan on paper instead of thinking because by putting on paper it gives your mind something real to focus and think less where you get clear picture of you work without wasting much time on thinking. The key here is to be realistic. Setting yourself achievable goals and accomplishing them will boost your confidence and mute the over-thinking overture playing in your head.
  5. Exercise is always great way to kick out over thinking which is a better alternative to stop thinking if you are stuck to one task throughout.
  6. Be presentable if you are stuck in over thinking, which helps to derive the greatest benefit from the situation as your mind begins to wander from your thoughts.
  7. The most important factor one about over thinkers is to stop thinking about the worst that could happen. Instead ask yourself how must worst that could possibly happen and then think to overcome the situation.