Importance?? of? Self Confidence for Successful Interview

What you need to achieve everything you want? Some would say Money and Discipline and other would point to your innovative skills. The point is that everything would be worthless if we lacked one thing: self confidence

Are you attending for interview? Then the very thought of appearing for an interview can be painful and lead to nervousness and apprehension. However, the tensions related with appearing for an interview can be brought down several notches by reminding yourself just how important this interview is for your career advancement. In today’s world, self confidence is a basis of your survival, both at work and at home. A good job requires being good at the interview. Forcing a raise can work only if you are confident enough. Self confidence gets all the attention.

Importance of Self Confidence for Successful InterviewJust before Attending Interview always remember your goal, everything else will fall into place. Whether you have to appear for an interview, run a popular website or do business you need to be confident in your ability. Lack of self Confidence can be the biggest handicap for any person. Physical handicap is never a hurdle on your way to progress but lack of Self confidence definitely is. It is almost impossible to succeed with out self confidence.

Oftentimes even a single self-confident person can change the attitudes of everyone in a room. A Self confident person attracts friendships, but commands respect, too. Your self confidence forms the basis of everything else in your world. It is impossible to do anything for real if you’re not self confident. Low level of self confidence will slow down your steps and prevent you from taking initiative when you need it.

Low self confidence is able to paralyze a man, body and soul at the time he or she needs to make a decision quickly. The old saying “you must stand for something or you will fall for anything” is true. And if you stand for something, only your self confidence will keep you together.

The good thing is that the self confidence is neither genetic nor hereditary. Confidence has to be gained or learned, improved or practiced. It won’t come to you by itself, but you can easily raise it in your self.

I CAN DO IT – The best words to gain Self confidence are very simple: I can do it. Repeat these words as often as you can. Whenever you feel unable to do a particular work say to yourself: I can do it. Close the windows and doors of your room and shout: I can do it. Go to a lonely area and shout: I can do it. This process will change your mental Programming slowing but surely and gradually fill confidence in you.


If you fear to speak English in front of others you just need to speak more and more. Start from your family members and friends. In the beginning speak a few sentences then try to speak more. In case you hesitate to assert yourself you can overcome it by trying again and again. Just repeating the action will help you to gain Self confidence to do the task in a better way.