Informatica PowerCenter advantages and its ELT Products

Informatica PowerCenter data integration platform became an integral part of the new HP Enterprise Risk Management solution, a business intelligence solution for financial services organizations.

Informatica PowerCenter Advantages:

* Business executives:

Informatica power center provides the business with the holistic information it needs, when it?s needed, and how it?s needed?including batch, real-time, and on-the-fly?for improving business operations and driving better business outcomes.

* IT organizations:

Power center of Informatica is used for mission-critical, enterprise-wide deployment, this single, cost-effective platform delivers unparalleled performance, scalability, and high availability to handle the most complex data integration initiatives and the full range of enterprise data assets.

* Developers and global IT teams:

Informatica power center with a unique metadata architecture, a fully integrated developer environment, and a 1-hour installation, this single platform helps teams of developers collaborate and easily standardize and reuse definitions across platforms and projects without having to recode, increasing productivity and accelerating time-to-results.

* Informatica PowerCenter provides the high-performance data integration underpinnings of the solution, powering a global view of enterprise risk and ensuring the quality of data used across all regulatory compliance initiatives.

* PowerCenter of Informatica fulfills the key role of capturing, consolidating and delivering high volumes of data across almost any enterprise sources, while improving and monitoring its accuracy, consistency and reliability. This enables customers to leverage a single risk intelligence platform enterprise wide, with integrated and robust data quality controls and audit capabilities,

Informatica ETL Products:

Informatica PowerCenter has an offer of a wide range of features designed for global IT teams and production administrators, as well as for individual developers and professionals:

* Metadata Manager (consolidates metadata into a unified integration catalog)

* Development capabilities (team-based; accelerate development, simplify administration)

* A set of visual tools and productivity tools (manages administration and collaboration between different specialists)

* Metadata-driven architecture (eliminates the recoding requirement).

The Informatica ETL (Informatica PowerCenter) product comprises three major applications:

Informatica PowerCenter Client Tools:

These tools have been designed to enable a developer to:

* Report metadata
* manage repository
* monitor sessions’ execution
* define mapping and run-time properties (sessions)

Informatica PowerCenter Repository:

It is the centre of Informatica tools where all data (eg. related to mapping or sources/targets) is stored. Here all metadata for application is kept. All the client tools as well as Informatica Server use the Repository to obtain data. The Repository can be compared to a hard disk or memory in a PC – without it is possible to process the data but there is virtually no data that can be processed.

Informatica PowerCenter Server:

Power Center Server is the place where all the actions are executed. It physically connects to sources and targets to fetch the data apply all transformations and load the data into target systems.