Informix Interview Questions

  1. What is a File server?
  2. What are Super servers?
  3. What is Load balancing?
  4. Who developed Informix?
  5. What is Informix instance?
  6. What is Groupware server?
  7. What is chunk in Informix?
  8. What is extent in Informix?
  9. What are the types of Servers?
  10. What are the Classification of clients?
  11. Explain about light scans in Informix?
  12. What are Service-specific middleware?
  13. What is Informix Binary Large Object?
  14. What is Remote Procedure Call (RPC)?
  15. What is the advantage of denormalization?
  16. What are TP-Lite and TP-Heavy Monitors?
  17. What is meant by Asymmetrical protocols?
  18. What are called Fat clients and Fat servers?
  19. What is Structured Query Langauge (SQL)?
  20. What are the different JDB drivers available?
  21. What are the characteristics of Client/Server?
  22. What is Message Oriented Middleware (MOM)?
  23. What are the two broad classes of middleware?
  24. What is the difference between trigger and rule?
  25. What are all the Base services provided by the OS?
  26. What are the uses of key value locking in Informix?
  27. What are the functions of the typical server program?
  28. What are all the extended services provided by the OS?
  29. What is meant by Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP)?
  30. What are the steps required to execute a query in JDBC?
  31. What is meant by horizontal scaling and vertical scaling?
  32. What are the services provided by the Operating System?
  33. Can I ask about Perl, DBI and DBD Informix? Other products?
  34. What are the three types of SQL database server architecture?
  35. What are the main components of Transaction-based Systems?
  36. Can I install Informix on a non-English version of Windows NT?
  37. Mention the database server operating modes available for Informix?
  38. Who conceived and designed the Informix database management system?
  39. Somehow Informix fails to go online. Is there a way to view what oninit is doing?
  40. What is the option or command used in Informix for finding which dbspace a database resides?