Job Responsibilites of PHP Developer

Job Responsibilites of PHP Developer

The PHP Developer is responsible for the creation and implementation of a wide variety of Web-based products using PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and AJAX. As PHP is a popular open source scripting language used for many Web-based programs. Programming in PHP can be very rewarding and challenging, and there is more to a career in PHP programming than just the programming portion of the job.

Eligibility for PHP Programmer:

A bachelor’s degree in computer science is generally required for a PHP developer role. However, employers often hire candidates with associate degrees if they have practical experience. PHP developer must have good communication skills. Being able to engage in critical thinking, active listening and complex problem-solving is also helpful.

Responsibilities and Duties of PHP Developer:

* PHP Programmers may simply have to adjust or customize essential, accessible code for an application.

* PHP programmer helps in participating in a team-oriented environment to develop complex web-based applications.

* The PHP developer maintains the existing codebase, to include troubleshooting bugs and adding new features.

* Converting data from various formats (Excel, ACCESS etc.) into developed databases.

* PHP programmers have to collaborate with a variety of individuals, including the project manager, HTML and CSS programmers, database administrators and designers.

* A PHP developer designs, documents and maintains Web-based applications. Guide business decisions from technical perspective like performance, reliability, scalability and security.

* A PHP developer is responsible for the layout, design and coding of a website specifically in PHP format. They figure out the technical and graphical aspects of a website. A PHP developer also maintains and updates an existing website.

* PHP programmer develops the programming code from scratch or by adapting existing website graphics packages and software to meet business requirements.

* A PHP developer helps in uploading the website onto a server and registering it with different search engines. And testing the website and identifying any technical problems as well as establishing the purpose of the website based on its target audience.

* One of the main responsibility of PHP developer is determining any functionality that the site must support and developing PHP content based on practical approved layout

* Identifying the content type the site will host and ensuring compatibility with the PHP programming requirements

* Giving guidance on colors, layout and styles for the client website

* A PHP developer has to take care of the page layout, the design and the entire coding of the website in PHP format.

* The developer updates the current features of an existing website. They develop program codes by referring to existing websites and software packages and upload the site on to the server.

* They ensure to resolve identified issues related with PHP development to different customers varying from senior managers to varied technical personnel.