Lung care tips

?Our lungs are amazing organs that carry out a mass variety of important functions every second of every day of our lives. The most important and essential of these functions is breathing. With every breath we take the lungs bring oxygen into our body system and expel carbon dioxide. Another very important function of the lungs is to protect our body from damaging environmental cause and infections. Of course it is the nose that is the primary guard against harmful substances that are inhaled however the lungs are a very important secondary defender of potentially harmful inhalants. That is why it is imperative that we keep our lungs healthy.

lungs care tips
lungs care tips
  1. Silymarin extract or milk thistle is helpful in reducing damage from exposure to environmental toxins.
  2. Green Tea Extract has a variety of benefits however, one benefit of green tea extract is the protection against lung cancer.
  3. Smoking and exposure to second hand tobacco smoke is the number one cause of lung cancer by far. Those who have never smoked in their lives have a significantly lower risk of developing lung cancer than those who have smoked for at least some time. Also, the risk of contracting lung cancer goes down with time once you quit smoking. By stopping smoking and cleaning out your lungs you will be doing the best things to help improved your lung function, and help you to lead a happier, healthier and more active lifestyle.
  4. Don?t let some other person smoke in your presence i.e. Second hand smoke is not healthy anytime, especially if you are going through treatment for lung cancer.
  5. Walking, running, cycling, swimming, dancing and similar exercise in or out of a gym help your lungs and heart work at full capacity.
  6. Eating a nutritious diet is good for overall health. It increases energy and concentration, strengthens skin, hair, teeth, bones and muscles and helps in many other ways. Dietary habits and nutritional status also seem to influence lung function and the likelihood of developing lung disease, including lung cancer. Many studies have associated better lung function and lower development of chronic lung disease with the intake of high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients. These nutrients are in fresh fruits, vegetables and fish.
  7. Byssinosis which is common disease among textile workers. They are used to inhale small dust particles of ripped cotton or other materials. Try to ventilate the working environment and take a fresh air outside the working area can be beneficial.