AA: Alcoholic anonymous

AAA: Asian Athletics Association

ABC: The Amateur Athletics Federation of India

AAFI: Atomic Biological and Chemical Audit bureau of circulation

ABLE: Association of biotechnology led enterprises.

AC: Ante Christi (before Christ), alternating current; ashoka chakra; air conditioner.

ACR: Annual conditional report.

AD: Anno domini (in the year of our lord).

ADA group: Anil dhirubhai ambani group.

ADAM: Animated Dissection of anatomy for medicine.

ADB: Asian development Bank.

ADBS Advanced Data Broadcast System.

ADC: Aide-de-camp (help or assistant).

AFI: Athletics Federation of India

AFP: Agene France Press

AG: Accountant general; adjutant general

AGP: Acclerated graphics port

AH: Anno hegira (Mohammed?s flights from Mecca to medina,622 AD) In
artificial intelligence ;air India

AICTE: All India Council For Technical Education

AIDS: Acquired immune deficiciency syndrome

AIFF: All India Foot ball Federation

AIG: American international group.

AIIMS: All India Institues of Medical Sciences.

AINEC: All Inddia News Paper Editors

AITUC: All India Trade Union Congress.

ALGOL: Algebraic Oriented Language

ALL: Ashok Leyland Limited.

AM: Ante Meridiem (before noon); Amplitude Modulation.

AMIE: Associate Member of the Institute of Engineers.

ANA: All Nippon Airways.

ANC: African National Congress.

ANERT: Agency for Nonconventional Energy and rural Technology.

ANN: Artificial Neutral Network

ANZUS: Australia, Newzeland US (pacific pact nations).

AOC: Air? officers Commanding

APCTT: Asian and Pacific Center for Transfer of technology

AQA: Assessment and Peritonaial Dialysis

APEC: Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.

APM: Administred Peritonial Mechanism

ARPANET: Advanced Research? Project agency Network

ART: Assisted? Reproductive Technologies

ASAP: as soon as possible

ASCII: American Standerd Code for Information? Interchange

ASEAN: Association of South? East? Asian Nations

ASEM: Asea Europe? meeting

ASLV Augmented satellite? Launch Vehicle

ASPO: Association for the study of peak oil and gas.

ASSOCHAM: Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry

ASP: Application service Provider ,association of shareware professionals

AT&T: American Telegraphic and telephone

ATC: Air traffic Control

ATM: Automated Teller Machine .Adobe type Manager.

ATP: Adenosine Tri-phosphate

ATS: Ati tetanus serum.

AU: Astronomical Units.

AVARD: Association of voluntary Agencies for rural development.

AVRC: Audio Visual Research Center.

AVSM: Anti Vishisht Seva medical

AVATAR: Aerobic vehicle for hypersonic Aerospace Transportation; advanced video attribute terminal assembler and recreator.

AWACS: Airborne Warning and Control System.