Movie Quiz 4

movie quiz 4Movie Quiz 4

1. When did Meena Kumari die?

2. Where was Meena Kumari born?

3. What was Meena Kumari’s character in Parineeta?

4. When was Meena Kumari born?

5. Which film starring Meena Kumari became a hit after her death?

6. What was Meena Kumari’s real name?

7. Who were Meena Kumari’s co-stars in Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi?

8. The day Meena Kumari died was a holy day for Christians. What was it?

9. What was Meena Kumari’s name when she acted in Leatherface?

10. In which of the following films was Dilip Kumar Meena Kumari’s co-star?


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