Music Quiz 2

Music Quiz 2Music Quiz 2

1. Who is the music diector for the Movie Missamma(Bhoomika's)?

2. Who is the director for the movie Jalsa ?

3.  What is siddhardh's last movie till date ?(released movie)  

4. What is Brahmanandam's character name in the movie Ready ?

5. Which is Megastar's last Movie ?

6. Who is the hero that played Venkatesh's brother role in the movie Sankranthi ?

7. How many characters did  Nagarjuna performed in his latest flick KING ?

8. With how many heroines didi Nag Danced in his special song in the Movie KING ?

9. Who is the singer sang the song "Pillagali Allari " in the movie ATHADU ?

10. Among which of the hero's Trsiha did not act with?


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