Mythology Quiz 2

Mythology Quiz 2Mythology Quiz 2

1. In Hindu mythology, who had a bow named Ajagava?

2. In Hindu mythology, who married Jambavati?

3. In the Mahabharata, Nakula's wife Karenumati was the daughter of which king?

4. According to Hindu mythology, who cursed Rambha and turned her into a stone?

5. In the Mahabharata, who among these was the grandson of Kuntibhoja?

6. In Hindu mythology, who slayed his own mother at the behest of his father?

7. In Hindu mythology, which son of King Uttanapada received the blessings of Vishnu?

8. In the Mahabharata, who among these also had the name Vasusena?

9. In the Hindu mythology who was the husband of Revati, the daughter of the king of Dwarka?

10. In the Mahabharata, who was the father of Iravan?


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