OBIA Training Institutes

OBIA Training Institutes

OBIA – Oracle Business Intelligence Applications is the pre-packaged BI Apps that Oracle has provided for several years.  It is the data warehouse based solution. It is based on the universal data warehouse design with different prebuilt adapters that can connect to various source application to bring the data into the data warehouse. OBIA allows you to conslidates the data from various sources and bring them together.

Oracle Business Intelligence Application (OBIA) is composed of :

* an Data Integration tool:
* Informatica powercenter and dac
* Oracle Data Integrator (Sunopsis)

OBIA provides a library of metrics that help you measure your business. It also provides a set of predefined reports and dashboards.  OBIA works for multiple sources, including E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JDE, SAP, and Fusion Applications.

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications enable faster and more informed decisions that help the organization optimize resources, reduce costs, and improve the effectiveness of front-and -back-office activities ranging from sales to human resources (HR) to procurement.