Object Relational Interview Questions

  1. What is ERD?
  2. What is SonicMQ?
  3. What is Progress Apama?
  4. What is third normal form?
  5. What is Progress Actional?
  6. What is a Concrete Object?
  7. What is open Edge RDBMS?
  8. What is Progress open edge?
  9. What is Actional Flow mapping?
  10. What is object relational database?
  11. Define and explain about progress?
  12. What is environment of Openedge?
  13. What is Liskov Substitution Principle?
  14. What is Open Edge Workgroup RDBMS?
  15. What is Interface Segregation Principle?
  16. What are open closed principles of class?
  17. What is Dependency Inversion Principle?
  18. What is advantages of Progress Actional?
  19. What is the advantage of Loosely Coupling?
  20. When should you consider denormalization?
  21. What are the features of Openedge features?
  22. What is Single Responsibility Principle of a class?
  23. What is data sparsity and how it effect on aggregation?
  24. Explain the use of ASSIGN statement in progress database?
  25. What is the difference between star flake and snow flake schema?
  26. What is an artificial (derived) primary key? When should it be used?
  27. Why are recursive relationships are bad? How do you resolve them?
  28. What is Dependency Injection (DI) in Object Oriented Programming (OOP)?
  29. Is this statement TRUE or FALSE? all databases must be in third normal form?
  30. What is open Edge ABL in terms of taking the perspective of the developer?