Open GL Interview Questions

  1. What is GLSL?
  2. What is MESA?
  3. What about clipping?
  4. What is Game GLUT?
  5. What is new in GLUT 3.4?
  6. What is new in GLUT 3.1?
  7. Can I mix OpenGL and DirectX?
  8. What is associated utility libraries?
  9. What about the perspective divide?
  10. What are OpenGL coordinate units?
  11. Can We Develop an OpenGL ES Module?
  12. What are the Operators we use in open GL?
  13. Write Quaternion versus Matrix performance?
  14. How do I draw 2D controls over my 3D rendering?
  15. Are OpenGL matrices column-major or row-major?
  16. What are Functions and control structures n open GL?
  17. How can I draw more than one view of the same scene?
  18. How do I access the frame/depth/texture memory directly?
  19. How do I set up OpenGL matrix stack for rasterization-only?
  20. What are the pros and cons of using absolute versus relative coordinates?
  21. How are coordinates transformed? What are the different coordinate spaces?
  22. Why doesn’t GLUT programs compile on IRIX 6.4 or 6.3 work earlier releases?
  23. How can I make a call to glFrustum () that matches my call to gluPerspective ()?
  24. How do I transform only one object in my scene or give each object its own transform?
  25. How do I transform my objects around a fixed coordinate system rather than the object’s local coordinate system?
  26. What are the pros and cons of using glFrustum () versus gluPerspective ()? Why would I want to use one over the other?