Perl Scripting Interview Questions

Perl Scripting Interview Questions

What is Perl Scripting?

Perl Scripting is one of the robust scripting languages in the IT market which is being used in ?n? of fields. Perl is rich in finding Regular expressions and stands unique in all fields of application.

PERL is a scripting language. Since all scripting languages are interpreter based languages but not compiler based languages, we use for optimization of code in all application.

Why do we use PERL scripting?

We use PERL scripting because it is rich in all regular expressions and functional concepts, we can create our own rules to find out particular generalized pattern by using regular expression. PERL supports or compatible in almost 76+ Operating systems and supports more than 3000 modules, called as CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) modules, can be downloaded free from

Where do you find PERL?

Perl by default gets installed in almost all flavors of UNIX, since home of Perl is UNIX. Perl is free software and can be downloaded from the following.

Features of PERL

Web development (CGI).
System Administration.
Database Administration.
GUI development.
Telecom ??. And so on?


Why Perl called as interpreted language?

Why do I need chmod + x command before running Perl script.

What happens if I forget to call chop when reading a number from the standard input file.

What is the difference between chop and chomp functions in Perl?

What is the symbolic link and hard link, what is the use of it.

What is an escape character?

What is \$

What is \@

What are the four types of literals?

What is the major difference between single and double quoted string