1. What is a ribbon plant?

Ans: The scientific name of the ribbon plant is Dracaena sanderiana and it belongs to family Agavaceae. It is a tropical perennial requiring partial shade for growth. It has toxic properties that harm pets such as cats and dogs. It is also called the lucky bamboo when grown in water though it does not belong to poaceae (grass) family. One of the genera of ribbon plants is called ?the tapeworm plant?? due to flat stems while another is the spider plant due to elongated cascading leaves.

2. What is hydroponics?

Ans: Hydroponics is often defined as the cultivation of plants in water. Since many aggregates or media support plant growth, the definition has been broadened to read the cultivation of plants without soil. Growers use hydroponics techniques due to lack of water supply or fertile farmland. Home gardeners have used it to grow fresh vegetables year round and to grow plants in smaller spaces. Greenhouses and nurseries grow their plants in a soil-less, peat- or bark-based growing mix.

3. What is a ?breathing fabric??

Ans: A ?breathing fabric? is designed to prevent the wearer from getting too hot or cold by adjusting itself to both the internal and external temperatures. The textile is made up of a layer of thin spikes of wool, or another water-absorbent material that opens up when it?s made wet by the wearer?s sweat. When the layer dries out, the spikes automatically close up again. A second layer underneath protects the wearer from the rain.

4. What?s made from coca leaves?

Ans: Coca (family: Erythroxylaceae), as opposed to cocoa, is the source of cocaine. The narcotic is usually extracted from the tips the leaves of this plant. Coca-leaf tea, although illegal in many countries, is supposed to have medicinal or stimulating effects. Many locals in South America also habitually chew it, while on a more global scale, it has been known to be used in the cola industry. For the benefit of chocolate lovers, it must be added here that cocoa is a completely different agro-product and, safely enough, has no link with the former in this respect. Cocoa is made by processing the beans of the cacao plant (family: Theobroma, which, roughly translated, means ?food of the Gods?!).