PostgreSQL Interview Questions

  1. Explain about tokens?
  2. Explain about Triggers?
  3. Explain about pgadmin?
  4. How to create a database?
  5. Explain what is PostgreSQL?
  6. Explain about string constants?
  7. How to take backup of database?
  8. How to stop the database server?
  9. How to create a PostgreSQL user?
  10. How to list the number of database?
  11. Explain about Write Ahead logging?
  12. Explain about indices of PostgreSQL?
  13. Explain about functions in PostgreSQL?
  14. How are statistics in PostgreSQL updated?
  15. Explain about the command enable debug?
  16. What languages does PostgreSQL support?
  17. Explain about database administration tools?
  18. What do you mean by command enable debug?
  19. What are the advanced features of PostgreSQL?
  20. How do you create a data base with postgreSQL?
  21. Explain about Multi version concurrency control?
  22. Explain about concurreny with the help of MVCC?
  23. How do you change column names in SQL Server?
  24. What does the option psql -l of PostgreSQL display?
  25. State some of the advanced features of PostgreSQL?
  26. What are the languages which PostgreSQL supports?
  27. What is the Maximum size for a table in PostgreSQL?
  28. What can be the Maximum size for a table in PostgreSQL?
  29. What are the different data types supported by PostgreSQL?
  30. What are the character types that are available in postgresql?
  31. How to check whether PostgreSQL server is up and running?
  32. What are the ODBC drivers that are available for PostgreSQL?
  33. What database administration tools are available in PostgreSQL?
  34. How would you check whether PostgreSQL server is up and running?
  35. What is the command that can be used to allocate memory in postgreSQL?
  36. Triggers are supported and can be attached in PostgreSQL to tables or views?
  37. What common bugs do you encounter while migrating from MySQL db to Postgre?
  38. What operator is used for case-insensitive regular expression searches in PostgreSQL?
  39. What is used by PostgreSQL in its internal system tables to link rows in separate tables?
  40. What are the various enhancements to the straight relational data model by PostgreSQL?