Progress Interview Questions

  1. Explain about SonicMQ?
  2. What is Progress Actional?
  3. How is Progress similar to SQL?
  4. Explain about Progress Apama?
  5. Explain about Progress Actional?
  6. Explain about open Edge RDBMS?
  7. Explain about Progress open edge?
  8. Define and explain about progress?
  9. What is the use of Assign statement?
  10. Explain about Actional Flow mapping?
  11. What is open Edge translation manager?
  12. When does Progress not update an index?
  13. What is met schema in Progress Database?
  14. Explain the features of Openedge features?
  15. Detail about the environment of Openedge?
  16. Explain about Open Edge Workgroup RDBMS?
  17. Explain about open Edge translation manager?
  18. What are the advantages of Progress Actional?
  19. Explain about the advantages of Progress Actional?
  20. How would you create a button with rounded edges?
  21. What class is at the top of the AWT event hierarchy?
  22. What are the differences between Progress and SQL?
  23. What is the vital and real strength of progress database?
  24. What is the use of ASSIGN statement in progress database?
  25. What are the cases under which progress does not update an index?
  26. What are the similarities and differences between progress and SQL?
  27. What is the difference of a LEFT JOIN and an INNER JOIN statement?
  28. Why won?t the JVM terminate when I close all the application windows?
  29. State some of the uses of Open Edge architect features useful for a Developer?
  30. What are the steps and needed resources for connecting to a Progress Database?