Psychiatry Interview Questions

  1. What hobbies do you have?
  2. What about “Double Credit”?
  3. What is important to you in life?
  4. What book is on your nightstand?
  5. What books have you recently read?
  6. What are addiction psychiatry residencies?
  7. What is it about psychiatry that interests you?
  8. What do you expect to be doing as a psychiatrist?
  9. What is the best aspect that you like about your job?
  10. How do you think the company would help you the best?
  11. What do you think the hardest thing about being a psychiatrist is?
  12. What areas of biological psychiatry are of particular interest to you?
  13. What would your core competencies be, when it comes to NHS Jobs?
  14. What has proven to be the most effective method for learning for you?
  15. How do you perceive a pharmaceutical representatives typical workday?
  16. What are the reasons that you decided to apply to this residency program?
  17. Why are trainees in addiction psychiatry called residents instead of fellows?
  18. If I wish to become board-certified in addiction psychiatry, whom do I contact?
  19. If given a territory and a list of physicians to call on, how would you go about it?
  20. What role do you think psychiatrists should play in the overall health care system?
  21. How can a small addiction psychiatry division meet all of the ACGME requirements?
  22. Could you tell us of a time when you used your leadership skills to handle a situation?
  23. Were there any experiences in medical school that you found particularly meaningful?
  24. What information resources are available to help addiction psychiatry training directors?
  25. How do applicants transfer from a general psychiatry training program into an addiction psychiatry program?
  26. Is a scientific degree required for entry into pharmaceutical sales? What about prior sales experience?
  27. Is there a National Uniform Entry Process similar to the one established for child and adolescent psychiatry?
  28. Do you consider yourself to be social? Can you tell us of a time when you used your social skills to help the patients?
  29. Have you ever been through an emergency situation? What position did you handle during the emergency situation?
  30. Can individuals sit for the ABPN Addiction Psychiatry Exam without completing an additional 1 year of training beyond the general psychiatry residency?