Religion Quiz 4

Religion Quiz 4

Religion Quiz 4

1. What caused St. Blaesilla’s death?

2. Whom did St. Blaesilla marry?

3. Where did St. Blaesilla live?

4. Who was the father-in-law of St. Blaesilla?

5. Who of the following have St. Blaesilla as their patron?

6. Who was the mother of St. Blaesilla?

7. How old was St. Blaesilla’s when she died?

8. After she became a widow St. Blaesilla led an austere life which was criticized by many. To whom did St. Jerome write a letter defending her austerity?

9. How long was St. Blaesilla married?

10. Who was the father of St. Blaesilla?


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