Science Quiz 2

Science Quiz 2Science Quiz 2

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1. In peaches, cherries, plums, and apricots the edible parts are ?

2. A chloroplast without cell wall is ________ ?

3. Cell membranes contain some biochemicals which are responsible for cell recognition and adhesion. They are _________ ?

4. Which of the following vertebrae are found in Neck ?

5. Which among the following is a character of Chloroplast which makes them qualified to self replication?

6. Which among the following is aromatic dried flower buds of a tree ?

7. onion, daffodil, tulip are which kind of stems?

8. Which among the following is a main structural axes of a vascular plant?

9."Clavicle” in the human body is a ________?

10.Which among the following is not a sex linked character?


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