Seo Quiz 1

If you know a lot about SEO and can think creatively, the first place in Google is within your reach. Do you want to check your seo knowledge then participate in this  Seo quiz  prepared by seo Experts.

Seo Quiz 1SEO Quiz

Quiz 1

1.SEO Stands for

2.SEM Stands For

3.You have just launched a new site. Unfortunately, nobody visits it, even search engines' spiders don't notice it. What can you do for its SEO success? Check all that apply.

4.When do you apply for re inclusion in a search engine's index?

5. When a site does not have substantial traffic from Google, what does this mean? Select one among These 2 options

6. Which of the options below is the best way to select the keywords to optimize for a website? 

7. The main purpose of search engine spiders is to:

8. What are “supplemental results”?

9. Keyword proximity means

10.What does the abbreviation PPC stand for?

11. What is meant by “Google bombing”?