Success tips

“The primary issue is not whether you want wealth. The primary issue is why you want it.”

How much money do you have?
What?s your net worth?
Are you renting or do you own your own home?
Do you own a Car?
How much money do you want to earn?

sucess tipsDo you have these questions in mind?? Go ahead and ask yourself if you are successful. What comes to mind? Be really honest now. The answer is money and what money can buy. I know some of you will argue that money isn?t everything but think of the last time you didn?t have enough money.
We don?t like pain or the slightest memory of pain. So it?s much easier to get comfortable, make a comfortable living and forget about stepping outside of our comfort zone.

There is a reason why only 5% of the world?s population has 95% of all the wealth. People are generally lazy. We?ll only do what is necessary to survive and when the need arises, we boost our output to accommodate that wants more. It?s no secret that throughout our lives we have many opportunities to step up to the next level. May be Just last month you failed at an attempt for greatness and vowed, never again

Take it from an opportunity, there is no quick fix. If you?re to succeed at anything, you must have the mindset that you will continue to-Do? until it is done. No Period. No turning back. Just keep doing until it is done.

Your vision of success should be clear ? you should have an unclouded view of what you want to accomplish. You should mentally envision yourself in the role of success that you have dreamed and thought about for yourself. Actively play and replay this mental image at every possible opportunity. Imagine yourself increasing your income to the level you desire.

Write down all that you are grateful for in your life. – read it every day.

Make a decision that you will be wealthy. Affirm that decision every day by taking action in that direction.

Surround yourself with the people who are where you want to be financially.

Read and listen to Articles that will support your new outlook and attitude about what?s possible.

Teach others the attitudes of wealth. Once you teach it, you will learn it.

Follow this outline to map out your goals:

Total Anticipated Time Commitment

The Goal: – What do you want?

The Rationale: – Why do you want this?

Expectations: – How will you feel when you reach this goal? What impact will reaching this goal have on your life?

Hurdles: -What do you expect will get in your way of achieving this goal? What sacrifices do you expect you will have to make to reach it?

Benchmarks:-The actions you will take to gauge your progress.

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