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General Knowledge Quiz 7

General Knowledge Quiz 7 General Knowledge Quiz for those attending for Competitive Exams   Participate in our Other Quizzes to check your IQ General Knowledge Quiz 1  General Knowledge Quiz 2  General Knowledge Quiz 3 General Knowledge Quiz 4  General Knowledge Quiz 5  General Knowledge Quiz 6

Important days of the Year

Important days of the year   Date Particulars January Month’s Important Days 01 January New Year Day 01 January Road Safety Week 11 January APSRTC Establishment Day 12 January National Youth Day 13 January World Laughter Day 15 January Army Day 21 January Manipur Day 21 January Meghalaya Day 21 January Tripura Day 23 January […]

Nobel Prize Winners In Medicine Or Physiology

Nobel Prize Winners In Medicine Or Physiology Year Names Country 2002 Sydney Brenner UK. 2001 Leland H. Hartwell USA 2000 Dr.Arvid Carlsson Sweden 1999 Guenter Blobel USA 1998 Robert F.Furchgott, Louis J.Ignarro U.S. 1997 Staneley Prusiner U.S. 1996 Peter Doherty Australia 1995 Edward Lewis, Eric Wieschaus U.S. 1994 Alfred Q. Gilman, Martin Rodbell U.S. 1993 […]

Amazing General Knowledge

Amazing General Knowledge 1 MOPED – is the short term for Motorized Pedaling. 2. POP MUSIC is Popular Music shortened. 3. BUS is the short term for ‘Omnibus’ that means everybody. 4. FORTNIGHT comes from ‘Fourteen Nights’ (Two Weeks). 5. DRAWING ROOM was actually a ‘withdrawing room’ where people withdrew After Dinner. Later the prefix […]

Science GK Questions and Answers

Science GK Questions and Answers 1. What is a dead pixel? Ans: A dead pixel is a defective pixel that remains unlit on an LCD screen, monitor, camera, charge-coupled device or CMOS sensor. The term “dead pixel” is often erroneously applied to other defective pixels, but they have separate terms. A permanently lit pixel is […]


Animals 1.  What is the difference between a seal and a sea lion? Ans: The scientific name for this group of animals is Pinnipedia, Latin for ‘fin-footed’, and refers to the modification of limbs to flippers. Pinnipeds are mammals with four flippers — one pair in front and one at the back. They are warm-blooded, […]