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Employer Interview Questions

Employer Interview Questions How do you handle criticism? Why did you choose a career in…? What are some of the things that bother you? What would you like to avoid in your next job? What did you do in your last job to increase value? What management style gets the best results out of you? […]

Microsoft.NET Interview Questions

Microsoft.NET Interview Questions What is ISAPI? What is ASP.NET? What is SOAP and XML? What is garbage collection? What is .net3.0 and .net3.5? What are CLR, CTS and CLS? What is an Application Domain? Can I customise the trace output? Explain about code access security? How do assemblies find each other? How does assembly versioning […]

Supervisor Interview Questions

Supervisor Interview Questions What is the management style that you follow? What makes a good superior according to you? What is the opinion of the current leadership team? How do you decide what to delegate and to whom? What about supervising do you find the most difficult? What is the toughest part about supervising employees? […]

Photoshop Interview Questions

Photoshop Interview Questions What is Gradients? What is Photoshop? What is a Smart Object? How do I crop an image? How do you print the grid? What is Adobe Photoshop? How do you create an artistic border? What is Gradients in Adobe Photoshop? How do we crop an image in photoshop? Explain about the photoshop […]

Management Interview Questions

Management Interview Questions What is MPMM? How do you handle stress? What are its core features? What is the terminology used? How do you react to problems? How can it help me in my role? How do you manage your time? What are your greatest strengths? What are your goals for the future? What is […]

.Net Database Interview Questions

.Net Database Interview Questions What is the use of trace utility? What does Server.Map Path do? How do you create thread in .NET? How many objects are there in ASP? How to deploy an application? What are the types of cookies are there? How can you deploy an application? Explain how many objects […]

Android Interview Questions

Android Interview Questions what is Android ? What is intent? Is 3G working? What is an adb? What is an action? What is a resource? Why to use Android? What is sticky intent? Why isn’t GPS working? Is SIM PIN Code working? What features are in a release? What is the Android G1 Phone? I […]

WebMethods Interview Questions

WebMethods Interview Questions What is EAI? What Is Developer? What Is the Pipeline? What Is an Element? What is webMethods? What Is a Flow Service? What Is a Startup Service? What is the Branch operation? What are the Advantages of EAI? What are the disadvantages of EAI? How to Restore a Session on a Server? […]

Informatica Interview Questions

Informatica Interview Questions What r the joiner caches? How to load time dimension? What is power center repository? What is Informatica basic data flow? Can you start a batches with in a batch? What is Data Transformation Manager? What is update strategy transformation? Where is the cache stored in informatica? Difference between Rank and Dense […]

Testing Models Interview Questions

Testing Models Interview Questions Explain Data validity? Explain Boundary Test? What is Stateful testing? Explain Security Testing? Explain Testing Methods? Explain Levels of Testing? How to execute a testing? What is Forced-Error Test? When testing a SQL server? What is System-Level Test? How to Install/uninstall Test? What is User Interface Tests? What is External Beta […]