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Referral Marketing Tips

Referral Marketing Tips   One of the less strategic types of marketing, referral marketing relies on a company’s customers to refer new customers to that company. Also called word of mouth marketing, this is a more spontaneous way of receiving new business, and can not be solely relied on because results aren’t very predictable. However, […]

Niche Marketing Tips

Niche Marketing Tips   When a product or service is not being readily supplied to a certain portion of a market, a company can focus their efforts on that niche to address a need that isn’t currently being addressed. This targeted marketing is successful because the marketer has identified a need that isn’t being resolved […]

Direct Marketing Tips

Direct Marketing Tips   Direct marketing is a type of advertising in which the marketer offers the product directly to the consumer. Direct marketing it is the goldmine source for obtaining leads that produce customers. If you are a direct marketer or want to take a direct marketing approach here are some direct marketing tips […]

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing Viral Marketing is a process where Website Users or website owners pass marketing message to other users or websites, creating an exponential growth in the messages visibility and effect, through viral marketing strategies the owner of the website gets advantage to explode the message to thousands to millions of users. Viral marketing is […]