Teradata Interview Questions

  1. What is BTEQ?
  2. What is explain in teradata?
  3. What is Fastload in Teradata?
  4. What do you mean by skew ness?
  5. How Indexing works in Teradata?
  6. What is Database Definition (DBD)?
  7. What is stored procedure in Teradata?
  8. What is Group by in Select statement?
  9. What is basic teradata query language?
  10. What is explaining and how does it work?
  11. What the default privileges which get assigned?
  12. How does indexing improve query performance?
  13. What are two examples of an OLTP environment?
  14. Which two statements are true about a foreign key?
  15. What is the difference between start schma and Fsldm?
  16. How many codd’s rules are satisfied by teradata database?
  17. How does Teradata avoid duplicate rows in the SET Tables?
  18. What is the new feature that came along with teradata V2R6?
  19. What are the enhanced features in Teradata V2R5 and V2R6?
  20. Does SDLC changes when you use Teradata instead of Oracle?
  21. Does Fastload support the use of mustiest and duplicates? Why?
  22. What is OLTP? How does teradata fit into the database requirements?
  23. What are the different error tables used during a mload job execution?
  24. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a Hierarchical Database?
  25. What is the difference between Volatile and Global Temporary tables?
  26. What is the difference between the FSLDM and Star schema in teradata?
  27. What is a common data source for the central enterprise data warehouse?
  28. Which two can be implemented as a centrally located logical architecture?
  29. What is the difference between Multiload & Fastload interms of Performance?
  30. What is the difference between Global temporary tables and Volatile temporary tables?
  31. In which stage of Active Data warehousing do you have the assessments over the future data?
  32. How teradata makes sure that there are no duplicate rows being inserted when it?s a SET table?
  33. How will you go about optimizing the performance characteristics of the Teradata execution?
  34. What are the different phases involving in loading of the data when it comes to Fast Load and Multiload?
  35. In which phase of the Active Data Warehouse evolution do you use data to determine what will happen?
  36. What is cliques? What is Vdisk and how it will communicate with physical data storage at the time of data retrieval through AMP?