Things to avoid in interview

To get the job offer, job-seekers need to excel in interviews and know what not to Say at a Job Interview, It is a known fact that everyone tries to be on their best behavior while appearing for a job interview. Failing to prepare for the easy questions and shorting a previous job are two common mistakes. Avoid below mentioned things to become successful in your job interview.

Things to avoid in interviewDon?t be Late to interview

Unwillingness to relocate

Over-emphasis on money

Sloppy application form Expects too much too soon

No interest in company or industry

Lack of courtesy, ill-mannered

Intolerant and strong prejudices

Asks no questions about the job

Lack of tact, vitality and Maturity

Avoid criticizing your past employer

Failure to participate in activities

Poor personal appearance In Interview

Indefinite answer to question in Interview

Lack of planning for career, no purpose or goals

Lack of interest and enthusiasm; passive and indifferent

Failure to express appreciation for interviewer?s time

Lack of confidence and poise, nervous, ill at ease

Overbearing, aggressive, conceited with ?know-it-all? complex

Makes excuses, evasive, hedges on unfavorable factors on record

Inability to express self clearly; poor voice, poor diction, poor Grammar

Poor eye contact with interviewer ? Try to maintain good eye contact with the Interviewer.

Be friendly and open, but do not flirt with the interviewer.

Do not use negative body language, or convey inappropriate aspects of your character.

Do not use slang words, crack silly jokes, or chew gum.

Do not lean on the interviewer’s desk or frequently glance at your watch.

Do not hide any aspect of your previous record, overstate qualifications, brag, or become angry.